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I would to thank Edelweiss and the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts expressed are my personal opinion.

Description Summary | All the musical references was heaven to a theatre lover like me but the over the top dramatics and lackluster character developments made this book a slightly average read.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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Jerzie Jhames is born to be on Broadway. No seriously, ever since she was four years old her parents took her to every music, acting, and theatre class possible to make that dream come true. And now finally, Jerzie is about to get the lead role of famed writer and composer Robert Christian Ruiz’s highly anticipated musical: Roman and Jewel.

Unfortunately things come crashing down when Cinny, R&B hot star and MTV’s starlet gets the lead instead. Jerzie is not swayed however and she’s determined to prove to everyone that she’ll be the best understudy in Broadway history. One thing she didn’t plan on is to be swayed by the lead actor of Roman: Zeppelin Reid.

Zeppelin is every parents’ worst nightmare. Tall, dark, brooding, with tattoos and eyes the color of the night sky, this “nobody” is determined to prove his worth as Roman’s lead and his heart to Jerzie.

The two are swept up in a forbidden romance as Jerzie learns that Cinny likes him too. With the backdrop of bright yet cold hearted NYC, can this fragile love survive against all odds?



This was theatrical in every sense, in the main characters’ developments and feelings, in the comical villain, and the over the top gushy romance with Disney movies cliches. Which to me is very different than what I expected it to be judging from the synopsis and cover.

I actually enjoyed it and by the second half of the book I was completely hooked. I read this book everywhere. I think the star for me was the author’s writing, it was such an easy read and a great distraction book if you ever need one.

I expected a bit of a slow burn with more deep complexities being analyzed. The love at first sight trope was a bit much for me and the dramatics in the book was kind of distracting from the main big picture. What I did enjoy is all the musical references and laugh out loud moments.


The story was fun to follow. Especially since the setting is downtown New York with all the lights, taxis, and local delis. So Davis gets points for keeping me entertained and thoroughly enjoyed throughout the book.

Plot-wise? Not so much. The story kept getting into sudden twists and there are side characters who appear in certain chapters and who do nothing to push the plot forward or affect the character in some way. In fact Jerzie’s best friend Riley could have easily been cut out of the book and it wouldn’t make a difference.


I think my main issue here is the emotional showcase of these characters. Every singular trait of these characters are amplified to the point where it becomes a bit too much. I get it’s a musical inspired book but the characters and story did not have to be dramatic as well.

For example, Jerzie is said to be sensitive. Okay fair point, but does she have to cry every two pages? Zeppelin is this handsome brooding heart throb, but I’m not kidding here, every single person in this book trips over themselves because he is sooooo hottttt and so irresistible. It becomes too much at some points.

Antagonist Point

Cinny is a comical exaggeration as well. It is painfully obvious that she is the villain but you don’t have to rub it in between every other page. We get it.

I guess it’s because I expected something totally different from this book in terms of vibes and style, I didn’t click with it like I hoped too. Nonetheless this is a great distraction book if you’re looking for something light hearted and funny.

Do I recommend? If you love over the top romance that is fast paced check this one out.

Date published: January 5, 2021.


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