If You Watched This on Netflix…Read This!

Since my Netflix binge watching has reached to alarmingly long hours (but let’s face it, it’s one of the few things keeping me sane right now). I’ll compile a list of some the Netflix originals I watched and pair them up with a book. This was pretty fun and something I never did before so enjoy it too guys!

And no Shadow and Bone will not be a part of this list, but this is a gentle reminder that its almost here! (I can’t take it anymore). Also, I know most of these are already based on existing books but I’ll be picking different ones that still fit in with the vibe of the show.

Alice in Borderland

Book Choice: Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

Alice in Borderland is actually based on a manga but I’ve never read it (I don’t read mangas generally tbh) however this show is so psychologically twisted and…bloody. Think The Hunger Games x SAW.

Speaking of Hunger Games, Battle Royale is said to be the true inspiration behind the Hunger Games however don’t expect any swoony romance from this originally Japanese novel; it’s very gory and vicious.

TW: Graphic violence and gore, rape, sexual violence against children, gun violence.

Peaky Blinders

Book Choice: Dangerous Lady by Martina Cole

I’m pretty sure you’ve at least heard of the show’s name if not already binge watched the whole series and stared into the dreamy eyes of Cillian Murphy…

Dangerous Lady is Peaky Blinders but make it the 1990s instead of the 1800s, and make it have a badass female lead. If you love gangland crime you’ll enjoy this book.

TW: Couldn’t find any but mention in the comments if there are any for other readers 😊

Black Mirror

Book Choice: This is Not the Jess Show by Anna Carey

This is pegged as Black Mirror x My So Called Life, I never watched My So Called Life but I imagine it being the explicit darker alter ego of Lizzy Maguire.

This is Not the Jess Show reminds me of Black Mirror’s episode Nosedive, where a seemingly “utopian” society turns into a dystopia for our protagonist Lacie. It’s yet another eerie look to how technology runs our lives.

TW: Nothing Found.

Sugar Rush

Book Choice: Battle Royal by Lucy Parker

One of the most wholesome shows you can watch and it’s so much fun! Each episode has it’s own theme with special guests and it’s perfect for an uplifting weekend binge watch.

Battle Royal (VERY different than the first one) is an enemies to lovers rom com set within a baking competition. Fair warning: Will leave you craving frosted cupcakes and chocolate ganache.

TW: None to Mention.

La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)

Book Choice: Rocks beat Paper by Mike Knowles

Heist books and movies are so much fun to get into. Money Heist is arguably a worldwide phenomenon, there is no one out there who would not recognize the comical Salvador Dali masks.

Rocks beat Paper is a thrilling heist novel with a robbery that involves millions of dollars in diamonds and nine other strangers who were bought together for the job. That is until the inside man got mysteriously killed…

TW: Nothing Found

The Queen’s Gambit

Book Choice: Rules of Civility by Amor Towles

Nothing can beat the original but if you’re looking for the same flavor of the 1930s-50s while still having a strong willed determined female protagonist navigating her sudden uprising to wealth where the blurry lines of the upper class begin to fog her senses and a love appears in the form of blue eyed handsome banker Tinker Grey..?

Rules of Civility is the book for you, albeit it doesn’t include a child chess genius.

TW: Nothing Found.

Malcolm and Marie

Book Choice: Normal People by Sally Rooney

This movie excels in its psychologically twisted dialogue between it’s two main characters. This is no way a love story and similar to the book you won’t find the frilliness of romance in any character.

The movie sheds a light on toxic and emotional abuse in relationships, and at one point it can be draining. Both works are majorly character driven as well.

TW: Emotional abuse, physical abuse in family relationships, suicide, psychological manipulation.

Set it Up

Book Choice: The Honey Don’t List by

This is one of my fav rom com movies, I always have a good laugh when I watch it!

Similar to their bosses’ predicament, the novel features Carey and James as they vow to keep the lovestruck charade of America’s favorite couple going because unbeknownst to the world: Their bosses are anything but America’s favorite couple in fact….they can’t stand each other.

TW: Nothing to mention but if there is something do mention it for potential readers 😊

Thanks for reading! What was your latest Netflix binge watch?

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5 thoughts on “If You Watched This on Netflix…Read This!

  1. I don’t watch that much Netflix, but I have seen The Queen’s Gambit and most of Peaky Blinders. I’m curious as to which one out of them all you liked the most, as I’m unlikely to watch more than that. I get this is a pretty hard question though!

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    1. You caught me with that question!! You picked the best two easily, I’d wager The Queen’s Gambit simply because I love a limited series and I’ve been so compelled by the whole thing I almost watched it all over again. Black Mirror is really good though that last season was a let down unfortunately, but have a look at the earlier ones they’re dark but brilliant.


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