Harry’s House Book Tag | The album of sequins, highways, and rose colored glasses.

If I could perfectly describe a peaceful day, it would most likely include waking up after a night’s restful sleep, sipping coffee from one of your favorite mugs, and listening to a Harry Styles album. Fashion choices aside, I think the least you can agree with is that Harry Styles’s discography is quite something. HisContinue reading “Harry’s House Book Tag | The album of sequins, highways, and rose colored glasses.”

SOUR Book Tag – Olivia Rodrigo | Is it the 2000s again?

It’s been weeks since Olivia Rodrigo dropped her iconic debut album SOUR, and yes I still listen to it. And yes I’m not 17 I’m a twenty something year old (but who’s counting?). The ones that stick with me are Deja Vu, Happier, and Jealousy, Jealousy. Oh also Brutal is so good. I’ve seen theContinue reading “SOUR Book Tag – Olivia Rodrigo | Is it the 2000s again?”

Book Adaptation Tag | Who Did it Better, Book or Movie?

I have been tagged by the lovely Margarida from Icthius Book Corner. Check out her awesome blog and her own take on the book adaptation tag! Since summer is around the corner, and that means less studying and way more time watching/streaming movies (well in my case it means dragging my now free sister toContinue reading “Book Adaptation Tag | Who Did it Better, Book or Movie?”

It’s My Birthday! | Birthday Book Tag

Wooohoo I made it to see another year! Like so many others, I’ll be spending it in quarantine since all of the shops and restaurants are closed, over virtual meet ups and calls from my friends and eating lots of cake! What’s different is that this year I’ll be sharing my birthday with all ofContinue reading “It’s My Birthday! | Birthday Book Tag”

Halloween Song Tag

I was tagged by the coolest ever Riddhi @ Whispering Stories on her Halloween Song Tag and Halloween Movie Tag, so thank you for tagging me! As mentioned I don’t celebrate Halloween but I do love spooky stuff! Really liked the tag and since I did a Halloween inspired movie post, I figured I wouldContinue reading “Halloween Song Tag”

Stuck at Home Book Tag

Super excited to have been tagged for the first time by Sienna @Daydreaming Book Lover! Not too long ago I posted up my own Umbrella Academy Book Tag; it’s my first original book tag so if you love UA feel free to use and repost tagging me @Jawahir the Bookworm 😊❤️ Tag Rules ▪️Thank theContinue reading “Stuck at Home Book Tag”

Umbrella Academy Book Tag

In celebration of the second season of Umbrella Academy coming out on Netflix, I’ve decided to create a book tag based on the main characters on the show! The series is one of my favorites 😍 If you like dry sarcastic humor, supernatural anti-heroes, secret government projects, and dysfunctional families then you’ll love it. KlausContinue reading “Umbrella Academy Book Tag”