Harry’s House Book Tag | The album of sequins, highways, and rose colored glasses.

If I could perfectly describe a peaceful day, it would most likely include waking up after a night’s restful sleep, sipping coffee from one of your favorite mugs, and listening to a Harry Styles album. Fashion choices aside, I think the least you can agree with is that Harry Styles’s discography is quite something. HisContinue reading “Harry’s House Book Tag | The album of sequins, highways, and rose colored glasses.”

My Latest YA Reviews | Lots of Rage and Lots of Love?

This year packed some pretty stellar YA reads! Coming back into this blog, I decided to get spoiled and post two book reviews 😊 Can you tell I’ve missed rambling my bookish opinions to someone? 🙈 I’m pretty happy to say that I’ve ticked off some crucial TBR reads with these overall so round ofContinue reading “My Latest YA Reviews | Lots of Rage and Lots of Love?”

A Game of Origami Storytelling (and what it reveals about you!)

Hello my lovelies, For today’s post I’ve decided to be the narrator for once and come up with this storytelling vibe game that’s just for pure fun. The questions and the choices attached are all from my imaginative prone mind and shouldn’t be considered a true reflection on any aspect of you or your personality.Continue reading “A Game of Origami Storytelling (and what it reveals about you!)”

April 2022 Wrap Up | Exciting May Reads + Other Blogs to Check Out!

Personally as Ramadan ended, it was a month of highs and lows where I felt a bit disconnected to the world. It does turn into this duality of less noise and more peace, yet feeling the claustrophobic nature of not getting out much. I have to admit this sense of “lockdown behavior” admittedly reminded meContinue reading “April 2022 Wrap Up | Exciting May Reads + Other Blogs to Check Out!”

Review Index

Reviews are to be arranged alphabetically by title, some of them are mini-reviews which are posted down below alongside my series breakdown posts. Admission by Julie Buxbaum Alone Together: Love, Grief, and Comfort in the Time of COVID-19 by Jennifer Haupt American Betiya by Anuradha D. Rajurkar Ayesha at Last by Uzma Jalaluddin Bad BloodContinue reading “Review Index”

Here are Some Positive Muslim Books Since Ramadan is Almost Over

I’ve been sporadically and slowly getting back into blogging during the month of March. But once Ramadan rolled in April, I just felt pretty content staying in and busying myself reading the Quran and just generally praying and meditating. I love Ramadan. To me it’s a month of peace, light, forgiveness, and being spiritually connectedContinue reading “Here are Some Positive Muslim Books Since Ramadan is Almost Over”

Which Book Should You Read Based on Your Fav Bridgerton Character

The flowers are blooming, dancing cards at the ready, the silver is polished, and the socialites are back to scheme, gossip, and dazzle their way through another society season. I hope you enjoyed the 2nd season of Bridgeton as much as I did! I loved the complexity we had with this storyline, the angst andContinue reading “Which Book Should You Read Based on Your Fav Bridgerton Character”

Introducing Paper Trails | AKA My baby dream project

Hello wonderful people.. In case you weren’t aware I made my comeback post last time and I’ve spoken a bit about why I was in such a long hiatus. Well it’s because I’m opening my very own bookstore! Yup it’s not a dream, a mood board, or a another wish. I took a breath andContinue reading “Introducing Paper Trails | AKA My baby dream project”

GUESS WHO’S BACK | Proceeds to sneak in…

It’s me, coming back from the dead, rising from the ashes, and twirling my way back to center stage. Hi. I’ve missed you all. I’ve missed writing and sharing my TTT, I’ve missed aesthetic posts and reading and writing in depth reviews. I’ve missed book tags and bookish recipes, cozy days where I’ve typed endlesslyContinue reading “GUESS WHO’S BACK | Proceeds to sneak in…”

ANNOUNCEMENT | I’m Taking a Hiatus

I’ll keep this lovely and simple, it’s true I am taking a blog hiatus for now. I’ll be traveling next week for a much needed getaway trip after a harrowing last year. I guess I can’t enjoy the space I need while following up on my blog and the trip gives me ample time toContinue reading “ANNOUNCEMENT | I’m Taking a Hiatus”