Review | ARC : The Gentleman Thief

I would like to thank BookSirens for providing me with the ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

So excited to be reviewing my first book from BookSirens. BookSirens is a cool website where you can sign up and receive ARCs in exchange for an honest review. They have a wide range of genres and books, and they have wicked tools to analyze your reviewer and reader profile! (Want an honest review? Refer to my contact page)

Description Summary: Witty and fast paced, The Gentleman thief features dry sarcastic humor and an island *high* on magic. Think the Shrek movies if they were tailored to adults.

Ahhh crude humor…the best.

Rating | 3.5/5

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Joe Thorne aspires to be a professional thief, sure it’s dishonorable but it does pay more than his current career: chimney sweep. 

The perfect opportunity presents itself when the Duke’s daughter Princess Althea is set to get married and in preparation Joe is recruited to clean out the chimneys. He’s ecstatic because intel from other servants assured him that the princess’s dowry is worth And that money is sitting somewhere in that mansion.

Here’s the catch though: Joe suffers from a “magical” allergy after cleaning out one of those alchemy laboratories with furnaces used to make illegal substances or as Joe puts it “questionable” substances. 

The allergy produces unpredictable results everytime Joe has a sneezing/coughing fit. And that is exactly what happens when Joe manages to steal all of the gold in the dowry but accidentally turns it all into a sack of potatoes. Oh and did I mention he managed to get himself cursed with a rusty coin given to him by the princess?

So cursed Joe (literally) embarks on a disguise mission to lift the curse but soon enough he finds himself in an enchanted island as a fraud knight, and acquainted with a mischievous moving handkerchief, a frog man (or a man turned to a frog?), a beastly bird, and a childhood friend whom he thought he’d never see again.

Oh Joe, what did you get yourself into?


This was a fun and unique book. The humor and tone of this book was hilarious and I loved how the author retold fantasy in her version of it. Gragg’s vision of fantasy is unique and though I am not much into humor in books, the hilarity and absurdity found in the characters and situations in the book can’t help but bring up a chuckle. This is definitely the book that could take you out of your stupor but it does take a bit to get used to till you really get into it.

At the beginning you kind of don’t know what is going on, but then you really get into the story. The story however is absolutely bonkers, do not expect anything to make sense, do not expect anything to be logical. It’s as if the fantasy genre took a psychedelic drug and decided to spew things left and right. I’m not really used to reading stories that don’t have clear structure and enjoying them, but with this it’s different because the insanity and illogical aspect of it all is what makes the book stand out. It doesn’t try hard to create a reasonable path where there shouldn’t be at all.

Gragg’s humor is ultimately what made this book. This is exactly the type of humor I enjoy, and Joe reminded me of a cross between Shrek’s unchangeable personality and Graham’s Norton’s witty banter. He’s an average Joe throughout the whole book it makes him 10x more hilarious. Loved Lydia’s personality as well, and she was Fiona’s to Joe’s Shrek; a strong willed bold woman who is just as funny.

Sometimes I got confused and didn’t know what the hell was going on, and other times things moved too quickly in some scenes I had to reread to get what was going on. 

In the end I thought it was a cute book, something I’d read if I were stuck in an airport and wanted something to cheer me up.

Do I recommend? Yes. 

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