Chocolate Heaven | London Cafes

What? SAID DAL 1923

Where? 29 Rathbone Pl, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1JG

If you’re a chocolate obsessed fanatic like me then SAID DAL 1923 is the place to be. Warning: Bring extra tissue wipes because there is a high chance you might leave with chocolate covered fingers and polka dotted stained clothes.

Although London’s SOHO branch is the more popular one, personally I prefer the one on Rathbone Place because it’s almost tucked in a little corner but it’s not so far away from the main street; particularly Oxford Street. Great place to review your latest shopping binge while satisfying your sweet tooth.

The space is a clash between an artisan’s chocolate lab and an industrial factory, like envision a chocolate factory that has been turned into a cafe. The tables are spacious and the staff know what’s what (They automatically add extra tissues on each table without referring back which I find hilarious).

The outside looks rusty and chic but let’s talk food. The cafe displays a range of tempting chocolate goods on it’s windowsills; you’ve got chocolate bars, chocolate spreads, and chocolate covered nuts all placed neatly for you to admire.

You’ve guessed it, chocolate is in everything. All of their coffees are dripped with melted chocolates overflowing the cups into the saucers. You can put chocolate on cakes, cookies, croissants, brownies…anything.

Crumble cake 😍

Highlight: Their cappuccinos are rich and foamy and their topped with chocolate powder. I personally loved the crumble cake with the melted chocolate on top; it had the perfect biscuity crunch to the gooey chocolate.

If you’re a major chocolate fan than go for their chocolate fudge cake, it’s dense but rich.

Available Online: Yes-ish. They do not ship everywhere and last I checked not all stores are open, so check their website for the latest.

What do you think? Have you ever been to SAID DAL 1923?

Chocolate Heaven at SAID DAL 1923 London | NEC Blog @jawahirthebookworm

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