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Description Summary |  A lovely rom com to lift the spirits but nothing memorable to me. It does touch on heavy aspects of emotional abuse and gaslighting that are done well but may be triggering.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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Tiffany needs a flat. asap. She can’t spend any more time at her old place (her ex’s now) especially since he’s started seeing someone else.

Leon is looking to find some sort of income to help bay the bills and his wrongfully prisoned brother’s lawyer, so to help even out things he places up an ad to accept flatmates. At this point, Leon is just praying that the person is not a caveman when it comes to hygiene or a drug dealer.

The flat rules are easy: During the day the flat would be for Leon since he’s a night nurse, and during the night when Leon’s out the flat would be Tiff’s. That way no one has to see each other, no awkward talks and cramped living, it’s still like living in your own flat!

Then Tiff and Leon start leaving each other notes, at first it was something like “leftovers in the fridge” or “had to put some pillow cushions on the side”. However the more time passes, the more notes there are and the notes themselves well…they include more than a one sentence chore demand. If we read between the lines can there be more to these flatmates?



Okay here’s the thing, this book is kinda (and I mean a littleeee) hyped? It was cute and all but it’s not something I would describe as a comfort read. I’m pretty sure if you asked me what’s this book about in two weeks I would’ve forgotten.

Now this book is perfect if you’re looking for something to switch it up after a heavy fantasy read or maybe you’re a budding reader wanting to get into books.


I can’t say I’ve ever heard of a story like this. I always liked retro rom coms and I’m an old school romantic. This seemed to be a great blend between both, and I liked how we got written post it notes but also good ole’ Facebook in there (but seriously who uses Facebook?)

Although this is a romance comedy I have to say, it does touch on heavy topics in regards to toxic relationships and emotional abuse. There are a lot of scenarios that happens in the book I think would be pretty triggering and I haven’t seen this mentioned as much by other reviewers so if this particular aspect leads to an unwarranted response. I would advise discretion before reading this.


The alternating POVs was choppy at first and I had a hard time getting into Leon’s POV. It’s literally till the better half of the book that I truly got into Leon’s narrative. I guess that ended it being a bit slower paced than I would have liked.


Tiffy was a riot sometimes, the things that spews out of her mouth when she’s nervous is hilarious and I’ll guarantee you’ll laugh more than once in this book. What’s really heartfelt is seeing her work out and come to realization that she was abused and the person that she thought she loved abused her and continues to do so. She’s like me in that sense, we downplay our negative experiences and don’t pay it much matter because if we do than it becomes real and realizing it is real is a terrible nightmare.


Leon is a gem of a human. Seriously, it was really great for him to stick to his values and continue to be a nice decent man even though “nice” is considered a weakness generally but especially in men. I loved how even though he is this quiet brood, he still has presence and it was really nice to see in books a love interest that is quiet, remains quiet, yet still maintains his presence and solidity. You don’t have to be the life of the party or the intimidating diva to be noticed.

Both of these characters were great contrasts to each other, and you can tell their different dynamics work so well here. I enjoyed watching their relationship blossom into a full on love story.

I guess this got a lower rating than usual because I did have an issue with pacing in the beginning but also I can’t point by finger onto what it is that makes this book not memorable enough to guarantee a higher rating.

Do I recommend? Not a solid yes but if you need a break or an avid rom com reader who doesn’t mind heavy topics go ahead!


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