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To Kill a Mockingbird , Harper Lee Miller

Welcome to my bibliophile sanctuary. I wanted to manifest my love of reading and everything bookish related into something that I can share and connect with other fellow readers and authors. Hence, the creation of The Never Ending Chronicles began.

This is a space where I share my reviews about books I’ve read, indie and local bookstores I’ve went, and other bookish fancies I’ve come across. I post my reviews mainly on Goodreads, however you can check out my reviewer profile on , and Edelweiss+. Anything other than books will mainly be reviewed in the blog and mentioned in my other socials.

If you’re an author, publisher, local bookstore owner who would like an honest review feel free to contact me through the tab “For Authors/Publishers” on my homepage. I always look forward to find my next hidden gem!

I have a true passion to not only share my love of reading and books but to also empower the next generation’s authors and promote local bookish businesses so they can thrive and shine.

Also I’m a book fairy with Book Fairies Worldwide, give me a shout if you’re a fellow book fairy! What’s that? Click Here

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