What I Would Read at Famous Sights | Pt 2!

You asked and I answered. I’m so delighted that you guys loved my first post where I paired up books and famous places I wish I could travel to PLUS arranged a playlist for you guys to listen to while you read the books. There are still so many beautiful places in the world I’dContinue reading “What I Would Read at Famous Sights | Pt 2!”

What I Would Read at Famous Sights | Books + Travel

Life Update! Alas I said I’d take at least a week and some to get settled in, but work seems to be going good and my boss is amazing so I got lucky in that! (After many many unlucky attempts I assure you). I missed blogging so much, it’s so crazy how much it becameContinue reading “What I Would Read at Famous Sights | Books + Travel”

Pairing Books with Tea! | Finding the Perfect Cuppa

This is inspired by a post I’ve read a while back, and while I’m pretty sure I saved the post to reference back to it later WordPress is adamant I haven’t saved anything…oh well 🙂 I feel so bad for not remembering the blog or the post, but because I saw this a while backContinue reading “Pairing Books with Tea! | Finding the Perfect Cuppa”

Cozy Winters | London Cafes

What? Teatulia Where? 36 Neal St, West End, WC2H 9PS, London I know it’s summer but one of my favorite tea shops happens to be one of the coziest spots to escape the cold outside or save it for a gloomy rainy day. Teatulia serves organic teas that are ethically sourced. Yay! The interiors areContinue reading “Cozy Winters | London Cafes”