Introducing Paper Trails | AKA My baby dream project

Hello wonderful people.. In case you weren’t aware I made my comeback post last time and I’ve spoken a bit about why I was in such a long hiatus. Well it’s because I’m opening my very own bookstore! Yup it’s not a dream, a mood board, or a another wish. I took a breath andContinue reading “Introducing Paper Trails | AKA My baby dream project”

What I Would Read at Famous Sights | Pt 2!

You asked and I answered. I’m so delighted that you guys loved my first post where I paired up books and famous places I wish I could travel to PLUS arranged a playlist for you guys to listen to while you read the books. There are still so many beautiful places in the world I’dContinue reading “What I Would Read at Famous Sights | Pt 2!”

What I Would Read at Famous Sights | Books + Travel

Life Update! Alas I said I’d take at least a week and some to get settled in, but work seems to be going good and my boss is amazing so I got lucky in that! (After many many unlucky attempts I assure you). I missed blogging so much, it’s so crazy how much it becameContinue reading “What I Would Read at Famous Sights | Books + Travel”

Pairing Books with Tea! | Finding the Perfect Cuppa

This is inspired by a post I’ve read a while back, and while I’m pretty sure I saved the post to reference back to it later WordPress is adamant I haven’t saved anything…oh well 🙂 I feel so bad for not remembering the blog or the post, but because I saw this a while backContinue reading “Pairing Books with Tea! | Finding the Perfect Cuppa”

COVID-19: Bookish Businesses Edition

COVID 19 has not only impacted physical brick and mortar stores but also many small or individually owned business. It’s a ripple effect that trickles down to the gears of the business and hinders it temporarily during this time. Small businesses are the soul and artistry that provide the individuality that sets them apart fromContinue reading “COVID-19: Bookish Businesses Edition”