Which Book Should You Read Based on Your Fav Bridgerton Character

The flowers are blooming, dancing cards at the ready, the silver is polished, and the socialites are back to scheme, gossip, and dazzle their way through another society season. I hope you enjoyed the 2nd season of Bridgeton as much as I did! I loved the complexity we had with this storyline, the angst andContinue reading “Which Book Should You Read Based on Your Fav Bridgerton Character”

Enola Holmes Book Tag

Thank you so much for Breda @ Leafing Through Time  for tagging me! Tag aside, this should definitely be on your watch list especially during the Fall season. It’s a perfect movie to watch alone, with your friends, or even your family!  Millie Bobbi Brown’s wit, Helena Bonham Carter badassery, BOTH Henry Cavill and SamContinue reading “Enola Holmes Book Tag”

Umbrella Academy Book Tag

In celebration of the second season of Umbrella Academy coming out on Netflix, I’ve decided to create a book tag based on the main characters on the show! The series is one of my favorites 😍 If you like dry sarcastic humor, supernatural anti-heroes, secret government projects, and dysfunctional families then you’ll love it. KlausContinue reading “Umbrella Academy Book Tag”