GUESS WHO’S BACK | Proceeds to sneak in…

It’s me, coming back from the dead, rising from the ashes, and twirling my way back to center stage. Hi. I’ve missed you all. I’ve missed writing and sharing my TTT, I’ve missed aesthetic posts and reading and writing in depth reviews. I’ve missed book tags and bookish recipes, cozy days where I’ve typed endlesslyContinue reading “GUESS WHO’S BACK | Proceeds to sneak in…”

ANNOUNCEMENT | I’m Taking a Hiatus

I’ll keep this lovely and simple, it’s true I am taking a blog hiatus for now. I’ll be traveling next week for a much needed getaway trip after a harrowing last year. I guess I can’t enjoy the space I need while following up on my blog and the trip gives me ample time toContinue reading “ANNOUNCEMENT | I’m Taking a Hiatus”