TTT| Top Reasons Why I Love Reading

These are the type of questions that you think is easy to answer at first, it’s like asking someone “why do you like music?”. What do you mean? I can’t envision my life without it and it’s hard for me to articulate in words how much it means to me. I got some help fromContinue reading “TTT| Top Reasons Why I Love Reading”

TTT| Top Bookish Mantras to Live by in the New Year

New Year New Me!? Maybe…? Bookish wise I haven’t really committed to reading as I’ve done the past year, especially after I started my blog and found so many books and posts that got me excited to read more! But it’s easy to get sucked in and lose yourself to blogging and talking about books,Continue reading “TTT| Top Bookish Mantras to Live by in the New Year”