F.R.I.E.N.D.S Readathon | My First Readathon of 2021!

New year means starting a new readathon! Whether you want to join in more readathons or take this slow, or even going solo reading, this is your reminder to do you and do what makes you comfortable reading wise. Right! So F.R.I.E.N.D.S is my favorite tv show, it never fails to make me laugh andContinue reading “F.R.I.E.N.D.S Readathon | My First Readathon of 2021!”

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I’m overwhelmed. This year has been the hardest in many ways but I’ve been blessed with this amazing community whom I managed to make great friends out of! Sienna and I quickly became twitter mutuals after we discovered that we both are obsessed with Lore Olympus (and have pure hatred for Apollo…). So thank youContinue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award”

How do I Join an Affiliate Program? | Blogger Tips and Info

Hello lovelies, the weather has been chiller in my hometown and that is a welcome relief to the scorching heat. I’ve decided to write up this post based on my own experience with affiliate programs and I thought I’d include some heads up for other newbie bloggers like me! I’ll start off by a briefContinue reading “How do I Join an Affiliate Program? | Blogger Tips and Info”

The Outstanding Blogger Award

Thank you so much to the coolest ever Alex @ The Scribe Owl for nominating me! I can’t say this enough, but check out her blog! She calls her blog “A fangirl’s guide to YA books” and is a major fan of Top 5 Wednesdays. Rules ▪️Provide a link back to the creator’s original postContinue reading “The Outstanding Blogger Award”

Black Friday Book Haul | I Wish This Never Happened

Soooo I may have splurged on this year’s Black Friday, and I don’t know how much longer I can use the “it’s a pandemic” excuse much longer… So now my wallet has pretty much burned a hole, my TBR is not getting any shorter, and my shelves are suffocating with the books I bought. ButContinue reading “Black Friday Book Haul | I Wish This Never Happened”

Pairing Books with Tea! | Finding the Perfect Cuppa

This is inspired by a post I’ve read a while back, and while I’m pretty sure I saved the post to reference back to it later WordPress is adamant I haven’t saved anything…oh well 🙂 I feel so bad for not remembering the blog or the post, but because I saw this a while backContinue reading “Pairing Books with Tea! | Finding the Perfect Cuppa”

I Got Nominated!! | Blogger Awards

I’m utterly speechless, the fact that I have received this nomination from other bloggers who deemed my blog and its content worthy enough of this award means the world. Books and blogging is a passion of mine and this recognition by receiving not one but TWO nominations is complete madness to me. I would likeContinue reading “I Got Nominated!! | Blogger Awards”

My Favorite Lines | The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

I have recently read The Sun and Her Flowers as part of the Diversify That Shelf readathon, and it easily became one of my 5 star reads. I was busy typing up my favorite lines from the book when I thought: Why not share them like I did with Khalil Gibran’s poems? So here areContinue reading “My Favorite Lines | The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur”

Books that Sherlock Fans Would Love

Sherlock is possibly one of the most iconic fictional crime shows out there. As the series comes to an end (sadly) what better way to honor 10 years of a great show than with book recs inspired by it! Below is a list of books that fans of the show or crime enthusiasts in generalContinue reading “Books that Sherlock Fans Would Love”

Reading Rush 2020 Recap | First-Timer!

So many of you have heard of the reading rush event that took place between 20 -26 July, unfortunately I couldn’t write up a Pre-reading rush post, and because I didn’t properly prep for this I didn’t want to write a pointless post that’s just messy. You deserve better than that. I did a recapContinue reading “Reading Rush 2020 Recap | First-Timer!”