TTT | Top ARCs I Would Love to Get Approved For

Right so this week’s TTT was also based on Christmas with the theme of “what books I wish Santa would bring?” and like I said I don’t celebrate Christmas but I switched Santa with the publishing industry because they’re bookish Santa 😂 and I would love to have these ARCs approved for so if you’reContinue reading “TTT | Top ARCs I Would Love to Get Approved For”

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I’m overwhelmed. This year has been the hardest in many ways but I’ve been blessed with this amazing community whom I managed to make great friends out of! Sienna and I quickly became twitter mutuals after we discovered that we both are obsessed with Lore Olympus (and have pure hatred for Apollo…). So thank youContinue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award”

Review | Best of Short Stories: Einstein’s Dreams

Disclaimer: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a little commission at no extra cost from your end. 😊 Description Summary | Einstein’s enchanting and lyrical descriptions of time will leave the reader with aContinue reading “Review | Best of Short Stories: Einstein’s Dreams”

How do I Join an Affiliate Program? | Blogger Tips and Info

Hello lovelies, the weather has been chiller in my hometown and that is a welcome relief to the scorching heat. I’ve decided to write up this post based on my own experience with affiliate programs and I thought I’d include some heads up for other newbie bloggers like me! I’ll start off by a briefContinue reading “How do I Join an Affiliate Program? | Blogger Tips and Info”

TTT | Top Books Found on These Movie Characters’ Holiday Amazon Wishlists

This week’s TTT focused on a seasonal TBR for the winter. While I did that last week for the holiday freebi one, I decided to take a look at some of movie characters in some of my fav winter themed rom com movies! Then I paired books with these characters based on what I thinkContinue reading “TTT | Top Books Found on These Movie Characters’ Holiday Amazon Wishlists”

The Outstanding Blogger Award

Thank you so much to the coolest ever Alex @ The Scribe Owl for nominating me! I can’t say this enough, but check out her blog! She calls her blog “A fangirl’s guide to YA books” and is a major fan of Top 5 Wednesdays. Rules ▪️Provide a link back to the creator’s original postContinue reading “The Outstanding Blogger Award”

Black Friday Book Haul | I Wish This Never Happened

Soooo I may have splurged on this year’s Black Friday, and I don’t know how much longer I can use the “it’s a pandemic” excuse much longer… So now my wallet has pretty much burned a hole, my TBR is not getting any shorter, and my shelves are suffocating with the books I bought. ButContinue reading “Black Friday Book Haul | I Wish This Never Happened”

Double Review | The Cousins and Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen McManus

So I wanted to try out shorter reviews for books that are part of a series or written by the same author, or books I think would fit together. Compiling my reviews might really help me with putting up more reviews and is perfect for when things get super busy in life and I can’tContinue reading “Double Review | The Cousins and Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen McManus”

November 2020 Wrap Up | My Top 5 Posts

November was crazy to say the least. I got nominated for 3 blogger awards and my mind is absolutely reeling, splurged on crazy book haul on Black Friday, and had my heart wrecked by Addie LaRue. Also I joined BookTok (don’t judge okay I’m just trying it out 🙂 ) In between interviews and emailsContinue reading “November 2020 Wrap Up | My Top 5 Posts”

TTT | Top 10 Books for Winter

During fall, I’ve already assembled a top fall books in a previous TTT and thankfully that was a great success! Even though I despise winter I still thought of putting together books that are just perfect for flu season 🙂 (You can tell how much I hate winter can’t you?) TTT is a fun bookishContinue reading “TTT | Top 10 Books for Winter”