Here are Some Positive Muslim Books Since Ramadan is Almost Over

I’ve been sporadically and slowly getting back into blogging during the month of March. But once Ramadan rolled in April, I just felt pretty content staying in and busying myself reading the Quran and just generally praying and meditating.

I love Ramadan. To me it’s a month of peace, light, forgiveness, and being spiritually connected to your faith. To my fellow Muslims who are fasting and celebrating this beautiful month, Ramadan Mubarak!

Even though Ramadan is almost over, I still wanted to put in my share of positive Muslim books. Last Ramadan I recommended Books by Muslim Authors. This time, I wanted to share books that gave a positive perspective on Islam.

I hope you find these reads enlightening no matter what month you read them 😊

*Little Note: I have an affiliate link to the books mentioned in the post, at no extra cost if you decide to buy via the link, your book blogger here gets a commission 😊

Positive Muslim Books to Read in Ramadan

The House of Wisdom: How the Arabs Transformed Western Civilization by Jonathan Lyons

If you ever wanted to know more about the Golden Age, I highly recommend this well-documented book. It’s incredibly detailed but easily digestible for the regular reader.

Ten Muslim Heroes Who Inspired the World by Lama Blaique

These bite sized one page autobiographical stories is also perfect for kids, it reads like bedtime stories!

13 Amazing Women of Arabia by Dana AlBlooshi

This is a book about modern successful Arab women from different fields, written by a 13 year old Emirati girl author, and each woman has her own custom illustration sketched by a series of individual Arab women artists. This is the ultimate girl power read!

Forty Hadith Qudsi by Ezzeddin Ibrahim

Some of the most breathtaking hadiths are found in this book, I find this book to be very spiritual and will help settle in those deep faith feelings you know?

When Stars are Scattered by Omar Mohammed and Victoria Jamieson

I know this isn’t a book about Islam but if you ever wanted to know just how much we often take for granted this is a honest, eye-opening read for you. During Ramadan, fasting leads you to think about the little blessings we have: clean water, food, a warm bed and a roof over your head.

Once Upon an Eid: Stories of Hope and Joy by 15 Muslim Voices 

This is the most light hearted of the bunch and since Eid is coming up as well! I think I’ve recommended this before, but it’s just so cute, sweet, and really uplifting.

This is my simple list of books to read before Ramadan ends, which book are you thinking of reading? Also What are some of your Ramadan rituals? would love to chat!

Thanks for reading!

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