Introducing Paper Trails | AKA My baby dream project

Hello wonderful people..

In case you weren’t aware I made my comeback post last time and I’ve spoken a bit about why I was in such a long hiatus. Well it’s because I’m opening my very own bookstore!

Yup it’s not a dream, a mood board, or a another wish. I took a breath and a leap of faith…Here’s to hoping it will all work out and flourish!

So let me introduce you to Paper Trails. It’s still a baby Bambi but the idea is to have this bookstore that specializes in helping pick the “right book” for the “right person”. It’s a culmination of my personal experiences in shopping in bookstores, online, observations made from around the blogsphere, and listening about the lacks in retail and publishing related platforms.

I never knew how it would turn up eventually but I knew I wanted the paper airplane emblem to be present. It’s this nostalgic item of the past that’s still symbolic to this present day. I wanted paper to still be present , a defiant staple to this fast paced digitally heavy world. Hence the name “Paper Trails”. For what are books but vessels of stories, our stories, that leave a trail to many more to follow and share with others. A circle of life.

I wanted to pay homage to paper books, traditional brick and mortar stores while still developing a modern concept of what it is to be a bookstore in this era and age. I wanted you to step into the warmth of the store with it’s light furnishings, the smell of paper and vanilla spice waft through, while the occasional burst of color awaken the doormat senses and invite you to browse and read for hours.

Speaking of books, I was tired of hearing the same trouble of international readers not getting access to books as the US and UK based readers (as well as Europe for the most part). In particular to my region, it’s very seldom we get updated with anything at all.

So I’m excited to present something not only for the market but for the community, for the teens and young adults who always wished for their own space of reading, a hub for like minded readers to find their own circle, and even a hub for foreigners to witness the wonders of Middle Eastern literature.

We may be just a bookstore but in many ways we’re more than that.

Finally, I invite you to complete the survey and share it with friends. Please bear in mind this is only for GCC countries since the bookstore will be opening there. We’ll also be designing our socials soon and will keep you posted when that’s finally done!

Click on the photo or scan QR code.

Thank you guys for reading and welcoming me in a space I never knew just how much I needed.

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