Music for Books : Hazel Grace from TFIOS

It’s time to wander back through the house of memories because my next guest is from the roots of my teenhood.

She’s decided to to grow her hair a bit for a change, and she still has that annotated Dairy of Anne Frank from her Amsterdam days.

In time of so much ongoing death, we’ve reached out and for one more time we’re hearing the playlist of her dreams and love story again.

Please welcome my next guest: Hazel Grace.

“Ah it’s been a while but I couldn’t refuse, I’m very glad you sent me that text and I do hope you like the yellow tulips I got you…I have very fond memories of them as you may know”.

Someone said: “The marks human leave are too often scars”, this has never been more true than now. It is so easy to see how ravished our world is and lose hope, and yet I am more hopeful that our generation is going to do better by this world. And if we like our choices than it is worth the pain. Or so Augustus once said.”

“I’m not sure why I decided to burn this into a CD and share it with you to share with the world but that is what love is. Augustus and I had something that is once in a lifetime if ever, and I am proud to say he loved me wholeheartedly and true. Throughout the pain his love still found its way to me and in love that is how I go on today. So listen and live with love because love is the answer. It is always the answer”.

I feel in love the way you fall asleep, slowly than all at once.

And suddenly my world erupted in color.

The world hates soft boys as if being kind and gentle is a flaw. He was a soft boy ❤️

“Ultimately we’ll be okay”.

I still lay down the flowers, keeping them alive as long as I’m breathing.

“But your smile reminds of a place that I can’t put my finger on” I listened to this during my wasted days of my “what ifs”; it’s crazy how much I didn’t know back then.

Somehow it became our city. Our laughter echoed in its alleys, the canals witnessed our kisses, and the breeze lifted our song through the trees.

One of the most impactful books I’ve ever read during my teens, so I’m so happy to share this playlist with you!

Augustus was definitely one of my earliest fictional book crushes so he’ll always have a special place in my heart.

What did you think of Hazel’s playlist?


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