Random Rambles: Do I Want Six of Crows 3? | Discussion Post (No Spoilers)

If you’ve been following me for a while or at least have read my recent review of Rule of Wolves, you’d know that I am a fan of the Grishaverse and an even bigger fan of Six of Crows in particular. I truly think it’s one of the best fantasies I’ve read.

Leigh Bardugo, the creator and author of the Grishaverse books and universe has stated that she will be writing a third Six of Crows book, featuring the cast many years down the line in a tweet back in March 2018.

Bardugo’s original tweet

It’s unsure if it’s going to be one book or a whole new series. Ever since that announcement however, fans up till recently are still circulating rumors, cast deaths, plot theories on platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Blogs, and now TikTok. It’s safe to say people are going WILD.

Now here’s my take on it.

I personally don’t want a third Six of Crows book. Now wait keep your pitchforks aside, I’ll tell you why:

▪️ Ending had it’s closure: Crooked Kingdom was in my opinion a successful closure for The Crows and their storylines, to me it was a satisfying ending with the fact that every plot line was addressed and sealed. Though we don’t get a full epilogue of where the The Crows end up, it is heavily implied how their lives are going to go from there.

▪️ I don’t trust Leigh Bardugo: Not in her writing skills but she does have a tendency to rip your heart out by killing off lovable characters, and so I’m not certain we’ll get happy tales from Six of Crows 3 and honestly I don’t want any of them to die.

▪️ Will the sentiments and myth still be there? There is nothing worse than having epic characters turn into “a shadow of the great men they were”, and I don’t want that to happen with The Crows. With that open ended ending your mind had the freedom to go wild with imagination as to where they’ll end up, with a written book as older characters that freedom is taken away. This could either go well (with a better book that Six of Crows duology or a disaster).

Will I read it if it comes out? I’m thinking it’s going to be one of those books who’s fanart will make me read it 😂 But if I do hear of any character deaths, I seriously might reconsider; I just can’t take any character deaths anymore 😭

Thanks for reading my first discussion post! I want to hear your opinion too, what do you think of having another Six of Crows book? Any interesting theories you think off?

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11 thoughts on “Random Rambles: Do I Want Six of Crows 3? | Discussion Post (No Spoilers)

  1. In a strange way I think I like when writers kill off the lovable characters, I think it makes it like more heartfelt. Am I alone? Lol! Probably alone! Great post!

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  2. this is such a fantastic post! you’ve honestly brought up great reasons. personally, the only thing that’s driving me towards a third six of crows book would be Kanej and getting more moments and closure for them😂😅 but I agree with you: if anyone died, it would be AWFUL.

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