Critical Hit: Gaming Mystery and Thriller | Book Announcement and Promotion

If you know me you’d know how in addition to my love for books I adore table-top games (card games, board games, dice games, you name it). So when Akers approached me with his newest book adventure I was excited to spread the word about it!

Critical Hit at a glance is a supernatural thriller mystery set with video game themes. It follows Callie Myles as she attempts to find out her brother’s killer, she’s horrified to find out that something within the game has killed her brother… (full synopsis down below)

Critical Hit recently got launched at Kickstarter, so feel free to pledge the campaign or share!

Disclaimer: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a little commission at no extra cost from your end. 😊

Book Info

Publisher | What Happens Next, Inc

Release date | May 25, 2021

Genre | Fiction – Mystery/Supernatural/Thriller

Book Summary

How do you win a game that’s trying to kill you?

A twenty-nine year-old clerk at a games store in the Appalachian hamlet of Jett Creek, Tennessee, Callie Myles lives for the weekly RPG sessions run by her beloved brother and gamesmaster, LB. Under his watchful eye, she and her friends wage war, harness magic, and battle evil. When the dice are rolling, they are heroes, and all of Callie’s anxieties slip away. The fun stops the night LB burns to death in a bizarre fire.

Asked by her friends to keep the weekly game alive, Callie does her best to set her grief aside. She puts on the monocle LB wore during sessions and finds herself sucked into a life-sized recreation of her brother’s game. Inhabiting the body of her beloved character, the legendary Arabeth, she thinks she has found the ultimate escape. Her paradise is spoiled when she discovers that something inside the game killed LB—and one of her fellow players was in on it.

To save herself, to avenge her brother, Callie Myles must pull on her armor and beat LB’s game from the inside out. If she gets killed along the way, well, at least she’s having a great time.

A fast-paced hybrid of mystery and adventure, CRITICAL HIT captures the breakneck joy of tabletop gaming, where life and death depend on the whims of a plastic die. It will be on Kickstarter from May 25 to June 25.

About the Author

W.M. Akers is a novelist, playwright, and game de- signer. He is the author of the mystery novels WEST- SIDE and WESTSIDE SAINTS; the creator of the best- selling games DEADBALL: BASEBALL WITH DICE and COMRADES: A REVOLUTIONARY RPG; and the curator of the history newsletter STRANGE TIMES. He lives in Philadelphia, but hasn’t traded in his Mets cap yet.

Akers believes tabletop gaming is the greatest hob- by in the universe. CRITICAL HIT is a tribute to every brave soul who has ever played a game.

Thanks for reading!

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