May 2021 Wrap Up | Top Posts + Other Blogs to Check Out!

Hello lovelies, I hope you had a beautiful May and if you didn’t, you made it through and that’s enough ❤️

May was all about the romance, some were happy others not too much but I’m sinking even deeper into the genre this month(right after rereading King of Scars and getting into Rule of Wolves) I have a feeling I’ll need plenty of sappy happy rom coms to fill in the Grishavoid when I’m done..

I don’t have anything more exciting to broadcast so that’s mainly it! Check out my top posts and the other blog posts and bloggers I mentioned below, give them love and show your support ❤️

The NEC Blog Top Posts | May 2021

  1. Review: 2021 Surprises | Legendborn

A YA highlight right here! I can’t wait for the sequel to come out because this series will be amazing!

2. Which Book Should You Read Based on Your Grisha Order? | Shadow & Bone

Still can’t get enough of Shadow & Bone, and Milo the Goat? Pick up your next read based on your Grisha order ✨⚔️

3. Top 10 Summer Books for a Little bit of Sunshine

I’m so happy so many of you liked the recs! I hope ya’ll enjoy some much needed summer reading 🌞📚

Blog Posts You Should Check Out

▪️ Books Quotes that Make My Heart Burst by The Tsundoku Chronicles – Talk about swoonworthy! If you want your heart to go pitter patter, look know further than this post.

▪️ Book Review: When No One is Watching by Amanda @BookishBrews – One of my favorite reviews I’ve read this month! Amanda also recommends some external reading to go along with the book.

▪️ Color the Shelves – Interview with Aamna Qureshi, author of The Lady or the Lion by Fadwa @WordWonders – This book is on my TBR and it’s a retelling infused with Pakistani culture and is written by Muslim author Aamna Qureshi. Check out Fadwa’s interview for more insight on the book and Qureshi’s inspirations behind it!

▪️ 6 Reading Memes for Bookaholics by Elaine Howlin @ Lost in the Pages of Books – What better way to present the struggles of a bookworm than through hilarious (and often very real) memes?

▪️ Why I Love Being a Book Blogger by My Bookish Bliss – Such a lovely post and I definitely agree with all the reasons! I’m so happy being part of this community 😊 ❤️

Thanks for reading guys!

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7 thoughts on “May 2021 Wrap Up | Top Posts + Other Blogs to Check Out!

  1. Legendborn is on my TBR. I received this book for Christmas and still haven’t picked it up, but I will real soon. Also, I love romance so much! I read a lot of them, but you can never have too many in my opinion. Also, thank you so much for the shoutout. I am much chuffed that you enjoyed my post. 🙂

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