February 2021 Wrap Up | Top Posts + Other Blogs to Check Out!

February was a month with a lot of changes!

I got my Booktok up and going for a while now, quit than found another job I’m quite happy with, joined in my first ever blog tour, and celebrated my birthday with cheesecake and trash reality tv (Are you the One? – Anyone watched it?)

Having a job also meant I had to cut down my blogging, but I’m so heart warmed to see so many of you stick it out with me and still come out to like and comment on my posts as you usually do. It means so much to me 💗

Apart from my usual wrap up I definitely wanted to type up blog posts that I loved from the community, I’ve seen these things on other blogs and I think it’s a wonderful way for us bloggers to support each other and hype each other up!

The NEC Blog Top Posts | February 2021

  1. HOV Blog Tour | The Gilded Ones

Many thanks for HOVTours for letting me join the tour! I’m so happy that the book turned out to be a five star read!

It’s a YA Fantasy featuring a strong female heroine, strong female friendships and found family trope all inspired by West African folklore.

2. What I Would Read at Famous Sights | Books + Travel

Another book pairing! Since I’m still daydreaming about traveling, I imagined where I would go which lead me thinking what would I read there…which lead to this post.

3. Book Review | New Favorite: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

I’m so ecstatic to say this book deserved all the hype it got. One of the best books ever!

Blog Posts You Should Check Out

▪️ Has Blogging Affected Your Reading? | Let’s Talk Bookish by LiteraryLion – Loved this post, LiteraryLion presents a transparent picture of what is it like to be book blogger and I found myself nodding along so many of the points mentioned!

▪️ Book Review: Cinder by Midnight Book Blog – One of the reviews that stuck with me is J’s review of Cinder, she speaks about the enjoyment aspect of the book vs the critical parts which I found pretty enlightening.

▪️ Sustainable Reading Tips (that aren’t just ‘read more e-books’) by Truffle’s Literary Wonders – This is great! Definitely learnt some tips I didn’t know off before.

▪️ The Best Cosy Buys on Etsy by Chapters of May – Supporting small business while still getting amazing bookish stuff? Yes please.

▪️ Friday Favourites – Books To Cheer You Up by The Tsundoku Chronicles – Everyone needs cheering up so Tsundoku’s list is exactly what you need if you need a pick me up!

Thanks for reading guys!

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10 thoughts on “February 2021 Wrap Up | Top Posts + Other Blogs to Check Out!

  1. Belated happy birthday! I totally understand blogging less, I’ve been doing that recently as well. But it’s more rewarding if every post is satisfactory, right?

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