Music for Books : Starr Carter (The Hate U Give)

Long time no see, my guest today brings a whole new level to the word “cool”. We may have traded oversized hoodies, old school mixtapes, and binged watched The Fresh Prince until 3:00AM.

I may have tore her heart when I said sneakers are not my thing and that I have butter fingers so any activity with a ball is out of the question (anything related to sports lol).

I don’t think she’s forgiven me yet, but at least we agree that Joe Jonas is the superior Jonas.

Let’s just say sis knows what good music is, so I’m delighted to introduce you to my next guest, Beyonce’s possible cousin..Ms Starr Carter ✨

“Ahem ahem “Mic check”, right thank you sis for bringing me up. The world needs more light and peace, and dare I say less Bieber and more Kendrick. I’m powering through though and finding my own voice is my biggest flex to everyone out there looking to tear me down. Like I said:

“Sometimes you can do everything right and things will still go wrong. The key is to never stop doing right”.

” So this playlist is to all of you dreamers out there, the peacemakers and the kids over at the side block running in worn out sneakers shooting their shot like Kobe Bryant. This one is for the SoundCloud mixers and the Youtube cover kids who wanna sing their heart out like Alicia Keys. This is for the kids who wanna pick up their car keys and run off to the sunset to a better reality but can’t…I see you, I feel you, and I’m with you ❤️

ROYL~ Chloe X Halle

These girls are the IT girls on the scene.

LOVE ~ Kendrick Lamar

“Money’s just paper but it affects people like poetry” – courtesy of Tumblr

Live Your Life ~ TI ft Rihanna

Anyone else swaying their hands rn?

Like I Do ~ AWA

Strength in self love ❤️

Did I ~ Kehlani

“Intentions always look better on paper than in reality” To friends who were never really friends.

Boo’d Up ~ Ella Mai

This gets me in the feelsss

T Shirt ~ Shontelle

For my Marshmallow Chris; he’s so cute but clueless but..cute

Feels Like Summer ~ Childish Gambino

“I’m hoping that this world will change”

I tried to give a glimpse of the incredible character of Starr, although I could never do justice. Hence I urge everyone to read the magnificent book that is The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.

You can read my review of the book here.

What did you think of Starr’s playlist?


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