The Liebester Award #2

I’m nominated..again! Thank you to the coolest ever Alex @ The Scribe Owl. I said this once and I’m saying this again: check out her blog! She’s a sucker for fiction and a haven for everything YA.

Alex’s questions were so much fun to answer, I’ll admit some were brain turners! But I wouldn’t expect anything less 😂 There’s no such thing as boring with Alex.


▪️ Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.

▪️ Answer the 11 questions asked of you.

▪️ Nominate 11 bloggers.

▪️ Ask your nominees 11 questions.

▪️ Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post.

Alex’s Questions

Say you and some friends were planning a heist. Which would you be: the mastermind behind it all, the slippery spy, the muscle, the distraction, the sharpshooter, or that one person in the wrong place at the wrong time who dies? (Or if you’ve read Six of Crows tell me which of the gang you’d be)

I love heist books and movies, I get so excited and it’s one of the easiest ways to swoop me into the story. If I would choose, I’d be the mastermind aka Kaz Brekker. I love plans and planning, so that would be my strong point.

What I’d never be is the slippery spy, I’m one of the most clumsiest people alive.

Floppy or perky eared dogs? Why?

Tbh I never cared because I’m not a dog person 😂 I guess I’d go for perky eared dogs, they look cute!

If you were going to a masquerade ball and your mask reflected your personality, what would it look like?

Oooohhh okay so I always imagined I’d go to this magnificent ball wearing a striking gown at this beautiful magical palace. Here’s the mask I would wear:

I would change the blues and mix in a bit of pinks and blush, I want to evoke the idea of dawn rather than the night sky. I’m a massive daydreamer and sunrise is one of the most beautiful times of the day. So the squares remind me of glass ceilings with soft sunlight peaking through. The rest of the mask has a feather like design which is a great match to my spirit animal: the owl!

A masquerade mask is not finished with a bit of glitter here and there for added dramatics.

Would you rather eradicate COVID-19 or global warming? (Note: If you chose global warming then COVID will never be cured and if you chose COVID global warming will never be fixed)

Well technically COVID does have a vaccine so I’m hoping that would be cured and eradicated hence I’m going with global warming.

Would you rather walk on your hands upside down in a handstand or walk on your hands and knees for the rest of your life?

I can’t handle staying upside down for a long time. The headaches that I’ll get! So I’m walking on my hands and knees. At least I won’t have to read everything upside down.

What do you want most (except books ) for Christmas/Hanukkah/any other winter gift-giving holiday you celebrate?

Even though I don’t celebrate any winter holidays, a gift I would love to receive are boardgames. I’m obsessed with them. One of my best friends and I have promised to learn D&D for this year.

Would you rather go to a fancy ball or country shindig? Why?

Fancy ball all the way! Let me dress it up with my gown, jewels, and….my hidden dagger 😉

If you were one of the twelve main Greek gods/goddesses, who would you most likely be?

I know people find him obnoxious mostly, but I’d most likely be Apollo. Mainly because his main representations include music and artistry, let’s not forget he represents the sun as well and I’m definitely on team day.

Puffer coats or fluffy coats? Why?

Fluffy coats. They’re so soft and warm!

If you could only use hand sanitizer or soap and water exclusively forever, which would you chose?

Soap and water. They’re more effective I think, and if I’d choose one I would want the option of washing my hands.

Which of the five food groups is your favorite (dairy, carbs, fruit, veggies, or protein)?

Chocolate? Is that a mix of carbs and dairy? 😂

The 11 Bloggers I Nominate:

▪️ Michaela @ Journey into Books

▪️ Ashely @ Red-Haired Ash Reads

▪️ Usra @ ursareads

▪️ Musings of Souls

▪️ May @ Dreamer of Books and Coffee

▪️ Kal @ Reader Voracious

▪️ Ali @ In Lost and Found

▪️ Ahaana @ Windows to Worlds

▪️ Lila @ Hardcover Haven

▪️ J (Midnight Book Blog)

▪️ Erin @ Rin’s Reads

My Questions
  • Light Academia or Dark Academia?
  • One book you want to read before 2021 ends?
  • If someone told you they’re on a stranded island and you get to ship them one book, which book would it be and why?
  • If you were a MC in a fantasy book, what weapon would you wield?
  • Do you have a morning ritual?
  • If you could enroll in any PhD program (totally payed for) , what would you study?
  • If you could custom blend a perfume or cologne, what would it include?
  • If you could master any instrument on earth, what would it be?
  • What is your spirit animal?
  • What’s the last book that you couldn’t put down?
  • Would you consider yourself an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?

I may have repeated some bloggers but they truly deserve it. Show these book bloggers some love and check them out! To my fellow book bloggers, you are not obligated at all to answer I know things really can get busy and hectic (I should know because I’ve been nominated for this weeks ago 😂)

As always follow to not miss anything!


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11 thoughts on “The Liebester Award #2

  1. These were such great questions and awesome answers! I also love planning, but I still think, realistically, I’d be that one person who dies during a heist 😅😂 And DnD is so much fun, especially if you’re playing with the right group of people! I really hope you end up liking it 😊

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