TTT| Top Bookish Mantras to Live by in the New Year

New Year New Me!? Maybe…?

Bookish wise I haven’t really committed to reading as I’ve done the past year, especially after I started my blog and found so many books and posts that got me excited to read more!

But it’s easy to get sucked in and lose yourself to blogging and talking about books, being pressured to read certain books over others, and to order ARCS. The last thing I want is for something I love so dearly to turn into something I resent.

With that in mind here are bookish mantras I would like to commit to this year!

TTT is a fun bookish weekly meme created by theartsyreadergirl where you list your top 10s based on a different theme each week. I’ll link up her TTT if you would like to participate or know more.

Top 10 Bookish Mantras to Live by in the New Year

Never hate yourself for not loving a hyped book.

You don’t have to have a Netgalley account if you don’t want to.

Read books that you feel like reading rather than books you feel you must read.

It’s okay if you still haven’t read the classics.

It’s even more okay if you love fantasy over classic lit.

Take as much breaks as you need to, your books and blog are always here for you.

Don’t hate yourself for DNF-ing a book.

It’s okay to write a negative review. An opinion is still valid regardless.

If you’d rather watch Netflix or binge watch Youtube vids today, it’s okay, your books will still be there for you.

You can read YA books even if you’re not a teen.

Hopefully this year will be kinder to us all. What are your mantras for this year?

If you wrote a TTT, link up your post below. I would love to check them out!


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Hello I’m Jawahir the bookworm, a lost twenty-something year old bookish blogger who enjoys her books with a cup of strong coffee; milk no sugar no cream.

15 thoughts on “TTT| Top Bookish Mantras to Live by in the New Year

  1. I definitely agree with “read books that you feel like reading rather than books you feel you must read”! I’m guilty of reading books I “must” read at times 😅

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  2. I love all of these!!! The amount of times I’ve felt a ton of guilt for watching Netflix all day instead of reading is ridiculous. I definitely want to work on doing what I enjoy instead of forcing myself to read/not DNF books, etc! Loved these goals! ♥

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  3. Love your take and these bookish mantras! I got a surprising reaction to my reading YA and fantasy from a close friend of mine at the start of this year that had me feeling a little shook and so I’m definitely loving these reminders. ❤️ I really dislike it when people make me feel bad for reading what I enjoy 😂 I hope you have a wonderful bookish year!

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    1. I’m so happy you resonated with this post. I’ve been the end of criticism too, stating “fictional stories” are just that stories unlike other books that have “life” or “academic” value…it’s ridiculous.

      Happy reading and please don’t be too hard on yourself!


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