Showcasing My Exclusive Collector’s Edition of Caraval + Free Themed Templates!

Not long ago, I ordered the Collector’s Edition of Caraval and ever since it arrived I’ve might consider a Caraval reread!

The edition includes new art, sprayed edges, a slipcase, the original ending, Stephanie Garber’s writing journal, and bonus content: An extra chapter from Julian’s POV! Julian and Scarlett are one of my fav fictional couples so that extra chapter definitely sold it lol.

*Little Note: I have an affiliate link to the books mentioned in the post, at no extra cost if you decide to buy via the link, your book blogger here gets a commission 

Book Case Front Cover
Book Front Cover | Inside

Just like the outside, inside we got different design layouts! All the letters and clues are imprinted as if they’re actually handwritten which made the book even more aesthetic 😍

Book Case Back Cover
Book Back Cover | Inside

*Sigh isn’t it stunning 😍

Me being me, I got super excited and decided to create fun templates that go with the book! Feel free to use and share them on any platform you like with family and/or friends.

If you wanted to you can tag me @jawahir the bookworm or #jawahirthebookworm !

I hope you guys enjoy the templates 😊 Have you ever read Caraval? Who is your fav character from the series?

Interested in buying the book? Click here

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20 thoughts on “Showcasing My Exclusive Collector’s Edition of Caraval + Free Themed Templates!

    1. It includes, carnivals, magical curses, reluctant allies to lovers, enemies to lovers, and star crossed lovers with a bit of high stakes here and there. If that’s your cup of tea, you’ll like this one!


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