Happy New Year! | A (Apprehensive Welcome to 2021)

Happy New Year Everybody!

As much I was would like to celebrate I am truthfully having a more apprehensive feel to the upcoming year of 2021. It hasn’t been an easy year (that’s an understatement) and I don’t believe everything will magically disappear just because it’s 2021, but I do believe in hope and the human survival spirit. If you’re reading this than congrats you made it. I’m so proud of you.

Bookish wise I’m super excited to see where this year takes the NEC, it’s only been a few months but this community saved me. So thank you, thank you so much for giving this semi introvert bookworm a space for her to rant and gush about her books and bookish things ❤️ 📚

I won’t keep this long! I just wanted to give ya’ll a warm hug and I hope you have a great year bookish wise or otherwise!

I made some templates for you guys to use and share! You’ve got a chance to share with your followers or friends your reading goals for 2021. If you’re stumped with blog tours or readathon, I’ve made this cute and simplified organizers where you can note down the important details of your upcoming blog tour and readathon, at the same time you can share them too!

I hope you guys love them, you can tag me @jawahir the bookworm or #jawahirthebookworm. Feel free to use them however you like 😊 ❤️

Before I end off this post, I’ve come across wonderful other start of the year posts that I found super helpful so check them out!

There you have it! I hope you guys are starting this year as strong as it can be despite the ongoing circumstances, show these bloggers some love and show this little blogger some love 🙈 ❤️

As always follow, like, share or even buy me a coffee. Sending you lots of love ✨ ❤️


Published by jawahirthebookworm

Hello I’m Jawahir the bookworm, a lost twenty-something year old bookish blogger who enjoys her books with a cup of strong coffee; milk no sugar no cream.

14 thoughts on “Happy New Year! | A (Apprehensive Welcome to 2021)

  1. Happy New Year! I admit I don’t feel much of anything about this new year. I guess we’re all still stuck at home until the vaccine gets distributed. So, yeah, nothing much has changed. I wish I could feel more excited or hopeful or something, but it’s kind of just the same old thing happening over here. 😀

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