Review | Best of Short Stories: Einstein’s Dreams

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Description Summary | Einstein’s enchanting and lyrical descriptions of time will leave the reader with a sensation of child like wonder.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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There isn’t much to say except that the book is basically a collection of Eintstein’s diary entries during his time working as a clerk in a patent office in his early twenties. These diary entries provide Einstein’s imaginative fictional theories surrounding time.



I finished this in almost one setting (I read this during my sister’s birthday so I was a bit preoccupied), but still in such short sentences and so few pages this book has managed to shift my axis of comprehension and dare to dream of a world outside our finite perception.

This is a book of dreams, and it is easy to spot a dreamer. In the form of diary pages we peek into the mind of the famed scientist but I can’t help but see an entirely different person that wrote those sentences.

Lightman has done a wonderful job of including interludes that ease the reader deeper and deeper into the book and its setting. Life described in these pages has a bright joyfulness and innocence to it but sombre colors still makes its way to the painting.

For artists and creatives of any kind, this book is a must read. It has a wonderful ability to reignite your imagination and pushes you to question and think of the impossible. I can imagine the many stories Einstein has inspired by this written collage of work.

Do I recommend? Yes it is one of the best fiction books out there and is a great discussion book too!


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