November 2020 Wrap Up | My Top 5 Posts

November was crazy to say the least. I got nominated for 3 blogger awards and my mind is absolutely reeling, splurged on crazy book haul on Black Friday, and had my heart wrecked by Addie LaRue. Also I joined BookTok (don’t judge okay I’m just trying it out 🙂 )

In between interviews and emails right now, so here’s to hopefully scoring a great job! 🙏🏼🙌🏼

The NEC Blog Top 5 Posts | November 2020

  1. I Got Nominated!! | Blogger Awards

One of the highlights of my whole year! I can’t believe I got nominated by the awesome Riddhi @ Whispering Stories for The Black Cat Blue Sea Award and Cherelle @ A Bolt Out of a Book for The Liebster Award (both have amazing blogs so check them out!).

2. Pairing Books with Tea | Finding the Perfect Cuppa

This post was a delightful hit, and I’m so happy that many of you guys liked it because lots of effort and research went into it 😊

My post was also mentioned by Kristin @ Kristen Kraves Books in her weekly blog post roundup so massive thank you to Kristin!

3. Review | Addie LaRue : Where I Don’t Talk About the Book “Technically”

Of course I had to include the most important review of the year.

4. TTT | Top 10 Disney/Pixar Animal Characters Named as Book Characters

This was so much fun to do! For this TTT post I put on a twist on Disney/Pixar animal characters and gave them alternative book character names!

5. Finest Rare Books | Peter Harrington Bookstore Review

A lovely hidden gem of a bookstore, I snagged some stunning rare editions from this place 😍

Be sure to check this review out if you’re a fan of vintage or rare books.

As always follow for the latest!

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