Review ARC | A Dose of Rom Com : The Flip Side

I would like to thank Edelweiss and the publisher for providing me with a free copy of the book  in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts expressed are my personal opinion.

Description Summary | A delightful funny romance story about a lost twenty something year old looking to learn more about himself and the tangled webs of love in a cross country escapade.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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It is safe to say that Josh has had one of the worst New Years possible. It is even safe to say that this is the worst night Josh has ever had in his entire life.

Josh equipped with a box of chocolates, a diamond ring, and a private hire ticket to unforgettable the London Eye proposed to his longtime girlfriend except like the fireworks that framed the backdrop of the proposal. Josh’s light was snuffed out when she rejected him. Savagely.

To make things worse, he is forced to move out of their flat which is owned by his ex, quit his job, and watch helplessly as his world is turned upside down. Now having moved back in with his parents and having no one but his pet rabbit Jeremy, Josh embarks on an intiative. A crazy completely mad intiative.

He will flip a coin for every major decision he decides to make.

The coin takes him to used bookstores, the canals of Amsterdam, galleries and even somber graveyards. Josh might realize that this uncertainty might be the best worst thing that has ever happened to him.



This book was a cute read! It did remind me of your classic rom com movies of Hugh Grant, there was some laugh out loud moments and the occasional awwww when it comes to the loved up romance. It was fun and easy, and I think the book delivered its premise and promise.


The story was enjoyable but not something I’ll remember a while later. If you’re an avid romance comedy reader you’ll find this book more enjoyable and engrossing. I do have to commend the author because for a debut novel this is actually pretty good. And I could definitely see some potential for his other possible works, so I’ll be keeping a lookout.

I also loved Bailey’s twist at the end of story with the coin flip, it really does show you how much Josh has changed from the beginning of the book and was a great move to step away from cliches of the “magical happy ending”.


I loved how the story did not take place in one setting, rather we had the opportunity to traverse throughout Europe, and those chapters really make me miss traveling even more! 😦

And all that talk of art museums and galleries have me itching to go to one.


I really didn’t have any problems with the writing, it was a breeze to go through and dividing the chapters into seasons was a clever way to keep the reader notified of what stage the character is currently in.

I loved the balance between the inner monologue and outer dialogue of the MC, and thought that was written well.


When it comes to Josh I highly relate to him being the twenty something year old who is trying to find his purpose and calling in the world. The anxiety and overwhelming sensation of it all is something I really related to, and I loved how we got a main character who didn’t have a “fashionable” job for once but a true reflection to what it is to be a millennial in today’s world.

Josh was heartwarming to say the least, not the strongest or most memorable character however. And that extends to the side characters, his friends mainly, again there was a lack of strength and vividness that would have pushed this book further up in rating.

On the other hand, the older community were completely bonkers and very British. The village of old pensioners with their weird and crazy habits, his nosy mother and tight fisted father added a humorous dynamic that complements Josh’s simpleton personality.

Do I recommend? I wouldn’t put it on the top of the list but if you love rom com novels than give this one a go.

Date published: September 17, 2020


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