TTT | Top 10 Disney/ Pixar Animal Characters Named as Book Characters

I have a long history with animals in my family, growing up we had lots of pets! Currently we own five baby tortoises and they are my whole world. So for this week’s TTT I thought I’d combine two of my favorite things: Books and Disney/Pixar! I’ll be picking some of my fav animal characters and will be pairing them up with a fictional character’s name that I’d think would suit!

TTT is a fun bookish weekly meme created by theartsyreadergirl where you list your top 10s based on a different theme each week. I’ll link up her TTT if you would like to participate or know more.

Top 10 Disney/ Pixar Animal Characters Named as Book Characters

Winnie the Pooh

Book Character: Emmie Blue from Dear Emmie Blue

Heartwarming yet emotionally wrecking, it gives you all of the feels and makes you swell up from the inside. The cover of the book also gives off Winnie the Pooh vibes, and Emmie Blue is a cute alternative name!


Book Character: Malik from A Song of Wraiths and Ruin

The African folklore. The idea of wanting to escape your fate’s destiny. Plus ya’ll know Simba is actually a soft boy at heart just like Malik so it fits!

Chesire Cat

Book Character: Legend from Caraval

Both are mysterious as heck, and both take delight in illusions, magic, and all kind of tricks in their own fantasy lands. And if we were ever going to consider an alternative name for Chesire Cat it should be as iconic as Legend.


Book Character: Nahri from City of Brass

Apart from being a literal con woman like Abu, she also manages to summon a djinn warrior! Many of the atmospheric elements featured in City of Brass would actually suit Abu quite nicely, in fact he would be a perfect companion to Nahri.


Book Character: Frank Li from Frankly in Love

Right I know that Louis is not anyway Korean and I’m pretty sure there aren’t any alligators there lol. But the name and cover of the book sounded and looked jazzy! Plus Louis does face predicaments between going after what he desires (music) and sticking with tradition (being a mean alligator).


Book Character: Emoni from With Fire on High

A determined wanna be chef who sets her talents free in a real kitchen. Emoni is a great alternative name, it does have that sing song cadence to it that would fit into the French “aesthetic”.


Book Character: Manuel from Written in Starlight

Technically tigers don’t live in the luscious forests of South America but other than that, Manuel is the protective side kick to a determined princess. Manuel may not be the strongest alternative to Rajah but it is suave name.


Book Character: Willow from Pilu in the Woods

This book is all about friendship, loss, and finding your way home. Furthermore, the name “Willow” symbolizes belonging, safety, and a sense of hope. I can’t help but think this name was MADE for Koda.


Book Character: Aniyah from The Star Outside My Window

A wish among the stars to find one’s mother heart achingly reminds me of Dumbo and THAT scene. Aniyah is a dreamer despite how vast the world may be. Thus a befitting name to a childhood icon.


Book Character: Redford Morgan from Get a Life, Chloe Brown

Apart from the “red” reference, Redford is your cheeky and mischievous rebel who is similar to our stubborn and hardheaded fox.

Hope guys liked this week’s TTT! Are you a fan of animals? Who is your favorite Disney/Pixar animal character?

If you wrote a TTT, link up your post below. I would love to check them out!


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15 thoughts on “TTT | Top 10 Disney/ Pixar Animal Characters Named as Book Characters

  1. My dog’s name is Winnie. Not after the Pooh. My daughter just liked it. My husband tried to get her to pick something else because she is black and white and not tan like the bear. She stuck with Winnie and now sometimes we call her “Pooh” or “Pooh Bear” when we’re sweet talking her. Which is funny since she looks nothing like Winnie the Pooh.

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  2. Wow!? Five baby tortoises?! You have to show us a picture one day haha… I haven’t read any of the books but I loved your reasoning, especially that of Simba with A Song of Wraiths and Ruin!

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