Review ARC | Unforgettable 2020 Releases : The Thursday Murder Club

I would like to thank PRHGlobal for providing me with a free copy of the book  in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts expressed are my personal opinion.

Description Summary | The most engaging murder mystery book I’ve read this year. Think Scooby Doo but instead “the gang” is a group of very British retired pensioners.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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In the middle of a British countryside, the Coopers Chase retirement village resided peacefully. Every Thursday, The Thursday Murder Club, run by Elizabeth, discuss cold homicide cases in an attempt to find themselves something to do. It beats the Jigsaw Puzzle Room and bingo.

The narcissistic owner of Coopers Chase Ian Ventham has had it in his mind to expand and invest into another retirement estate. That means though plowing through a lush British hillside owned by a stubborn old farmer and destroying the Garden of Eternal Rest; a cemetery. You can say that not too many people are happy with that. 

The murderer strikes; Tony Curran, Ian Ventham’s builder is found dead in his kitchen. 

Delighted, The Thursday Murder Club sets off to work afterall you can’t expect the police to solve this one can you?



This book cemented me as a Richard Osman fan. I absolutely loved his take on murder mystery and it is exactly what the doctor ordered for my reading slump. He manages to combine a perfect blend of dry humor, thrilling mystery, and the right amount of gore that didn’t make your stomach turn.


The plot was not that complex when you finally reach the outcome and realize this, but it was written so well, you’re constantly left feeling puzzled like watching a magic show and knowing it’s a trick but not knowing exactly when and where the trick happens. Each chapter was like an advent character; what are you going to get next? Who knows!? I enjoyed every minute of it! 

Osman incorporates turns of events that are quite sad and melodramatic, even then it is slipped in smoothly and doesn’t feel like forced drama


The writing style is enamoring. I was completely engrossed in the book and some of the dialogue was extremely clever. I love the decision to make Joyce’s POV as diary entries and I love the way the different POVs were written in general. I wasn’t lost, and each POV picked up on the next one.


The Thursday Murder Club follows five pensioners and so in Scooby Doo terms they’re classified as follows:

Fred – Elizabeth: She’s the leader and a hilariously amazing one at that. Although she’s far more whittier, cooler (and a bit more dangerous?) than Fred will ever be. Literally if I had a vision board on how I want to grow old you’ll find Elizabeth’s name written on it.

Daphne – Ibrahim: Much like Daphne, Ibrahim is our cool cat. He was a physiatrist and was a fantastic contrast to the feisty Elizabeth

Shaggy – Ron: Bless him, Ron may not be the brightest of the lot (it’s not his fault though the others are practically Einstein geniuses) but if it’s something he surely knows about he’ll jump right on it! Unlike Shaggy, Ron is anything but a scaredy cat (the man’s son is a heavyweight boxer that should tell you enough).

Scooby – Joyce: Observant and often underestimated Joyce. Much like Scooby, nobody really relies on her to work out anything. She just has this trustworthy face that in fact is the perfect face for investigating. 

Honestly all of these characters are so much fun, and I was acutely saddened to realize I’ve said goodbye to Coopers Chase retirement village and it’s colorful occupants.

You have plenty of side characters and I promise every character that Osman writes in has a role one way or another, and that makes this book all the more thrilling and misleading.

Do I recommend? Yes, you must read this.

Date published: September 23, 2020

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