Finest Rare Books | Peter Harrington Bookstore Review

Where? 43 Dover St, Mayfair, W1S 4FF, London, United Kingdom

What? Peter Harrington

Highlights: Rare books and first editions

So cozy 😍 Courtesy of Peter Harrington website

Peter Harrington is among the best places to find rare books or rare editions of popular books (some are even first print and signed!), this is the bookstore that ignited my hobby of collecting antiquated and rare books.

You might be bewildred by the split prices, some books look like less value but are very pricy and others are ordinary finds. The trick is to find the perfect balance of price to value, and in a place like this it’s quite the hunt. But I’ve managed to snag some amazing deals out of this place, and I’ll share it with you guys in a bit 😊

They literally have any topic you can think of from religious manuscripts of the Russian Catholic church to an Edwardian occult book and even an anthology on Indian philosophy.

Courtesy of Peter Harrington website

The bookstore takes great pride in book restoration and preservation as well has having their own binding services. Their binding services follows the centuries old tradition of leather book binding, so everything is done by hand!

I’ll keep on dreaming of buying one of those binded editions because oufff are they expensive! (a girl can still dream though right?)

The books that I managed to snag are:

▪️An illustrated edition of Emma by Jane Austen, circa 1899

▪️Vintage edition of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson , circa 1930s (1934 maybe?)

▪️The complete HP series, all first editions.

The staff are really knowledgeable and the bookseller was kind enough to give me a less battered version of one of the HP books from the back storage.

You can even sell your books! They have memberships in loads of associations dedicated to antiques and antiquated arts so they’re a safe bet for your precious books. They provide full guidance to book valuations so even if you’re a first time seller you shouldn’t be intimidated!

They do have specific requests for certain books or authors, if you might have them they’re interested! Check them out here.

Available Online? Yes and they ship worldwide! If you have an urgent delivery, you can also contact them and they should accommodate you.

COVID-19 Update | As you may know the UK and in particular London is in a full lockdown so in store visits are near impossible. Their website is very informative and they do deliver.

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