Music for Books : Cardan (The Cruel Prince)

It’s been a while, but since I don’t celebrate Halloween I didn’t really know how to participate in this week TTT so I skipped it with another original post!

Keeping in line with the spooky vibes though, I wanted to invite someone who’s a bit wicked and dark. Luckily Cardan managed to get out of mischief just enough to put together a playlist! 

*pushed aside and interrupted* “right right, we got it! Now give that thing to me!” 

“With those sticky fingers, no way in hell.” Apparently Cardan discovered red candy apples and he’s stuffing his face with it (alongside truffle champagnes, mozzarella sticks, and foi gras.) Also he’s obsessed with gold foil. Help. 

Right I’ll pass it on to him before I lose whatever’s left of my sanity.

“My pretty Jude apparently never introduced me to the works of Joji or the Killers. I think I’ll enchant them to come over for my next revelry, I’m sick of that dull-witted fiddle. AND she never told me about gold foil! You’re telling me that edible gold exists and can be coated onto ANYTHING. Does it work on body parts?…..just asking”.

Dear lord…

Anyhow, here is my display of musicality. I must confess I do manifest an utterly irresistible taste in song.

Mr.Brightside ~ The Killers

Never has a song expressed my rage and profound sadness in a thundering masterpiece. I always bellow this song with every air trapped inside my lungs.

Slow Dancing in the Dark ~ Joji

 It is the song where shadows fog your senses and where love has failed me countless times.

Animal ~ Neon Trees

 A song that encompassed everything dark and seductive about our faerie revelaries.

You ~ The 1975

“Sweet Jude you are my dearest punishment”.

After Hours ~ The Weeknd

After my most fatal mistake, a love that almost got away.

Ew ~ Joji

 Balkin. You were too hard to love, but even monsters have a heart. Trust me I know.

Let it Happen ~ Tame Impala

It’s an eerie sensation, wanting rule but wanting to escape your demons. My conflicted feelings of the crown is echoed throughout the tunes and melody of this ballad.

505 ~ Arctic Monkeys

“I probably still adore you with your hands around my neck”. That is my Jude; my reckoning and ruin.

Afraid ~ The Neighbourhood

Underneath the bravado and brilliance, there is a deep terror nonetheless within me. How come they don’t recognize the rotten and macabre that lingers in this palace? My wickedness and cruelty I realized was the visage I needed to hide my fears.

Gods & Monsters ~ Lana del Rey

Hard of me to be thought of as an angel but do you really believe I was born a monster?

I survived! (And Cardan opened yet another box of champagne truffles).

What did you think of Cardan’s playlist? Any song recs for Cardan?

Keep an eye out this Thursday, I’ll be posting my review of The Queen of Nothing 😈👀


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