September Readathon Wrap Up! | Can’t Wait for Next Time

UPDATE | So reading the below text I now understand what’s going on. So I haven’t posted in a week, and that’s because I had a few health related setbacks. Turns out what I needed is rest! 

It wasn’t fun making myself do nothing for days but it was what I needed tbh. You’ll see me posting from time to time during the following month mainly, just till I get back to my best wellbeing. Seeing your comments and likes, how much you love the blog and love my content warms my heart. I’m forever grateful for discovering the most loving community ever.

Big hugs and kisses to you all my lovelies, stay safe! ❤️

Final Thoughts

To me this readathon was so much fun, Becca was so sweet in engaging with me through twitter and took the time to comment and retweet others content and thoughts. She was just really into it and very present. I really liked how she was transparent with both the days she slacked off on and the days where she powered through. As a reader it increased the sense of ease and “casualness” (is that even a word?) of the whole readathon.

Here’s her Recap Vid!

Just to recap here’s the prompts I got:

▪️Light Cover

▪️Middle Grade

▪️Community Shelf Draw: My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows


The readathon was so well thought out and was really informative, I’ve gushed all about it in my previous post. But now let’s talk books!

I had an incredible ARC, read the first book of one of a series that I now have a fan for life (thanks Sabba Tahir; you’re a goddess), and got into some classic historical fic.

The One That Took My Breath Away

O.M.G. This book. THIS BOOK.

When I tell you it ripped my heart and stole my breath, I wasn’t kidding. Piece of advice: Never start this book as your first in a readathon, you won’t have the emotional capacity to pick up another and will probably throw this whole readathon in the trash.

Luckily and Unluckily for me, I only had the first book so I couldn’t get to the second one (yet). It includes mythology and ruthless turn of events, inspired by Roman culture you won’t be able to blink an eye with this one.

The Wish Come True! (Nailed Prediction)

Of course being a fickle reader I ditched my original stand alone choices and picked yet a completely different book 😂

This was the book that I fell in love with just from the synopsis. I’ve never read a romance novel with a plus size protagonist and this book did not disappoint. I’m so happy that it nailed that 5 star prediction and this will not be the last time I’ll be reading Olivia Dade’s books. Special thanks for the publisher for sending me an ARC!

The Surprise Read

Frankly, I thought this would be an average read, 3 or 3.5 stars. But from the first chapter you’re whisked away to a faraway medieval kingdom on the brink of war and the only person who can save it is a hard headed, sharp tongued, clever thief and orphan. Fun doesn’t even describe half of it.

Separating my personal ailments from my readings, bookwise I think it was a success! Five star books all around (let’s hope this spell lasts). That being said, with October I’m definitely taking it slow especially since I’m a mood reader; I don’t set up TBRs anyway.

Have you participated in Becca’s Bookapoltahon? Have you read or are planning to read any of the books mentioned?

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      1. Lol I actually had the Cruel Prince on my shelf for two years before I read it. And then when I read, I couldn’t believe I delayed reading it!

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