Which Book Matches Your Birthstone?

I always love doing fun posts like these. I’ve decided to skip this week’s TTT; wasn’t really feeling the topic and I wanted to do something a bit more creative and fun to get me out of my slump.

Birthstones are so cool and I love just looking at all of the different colors and meanings surrounding them. I don’t necessarily inherently believe in their “special powers” but they’re a unique way to represent yourself!

Each month corresponds with a birthstone, and I’ve listed all of them with a book to match! Check out which book matches your birthstone!

January | Garnet

Book Choice: Sin Eater by Megan Campisi

Linked with the heart chakra, it is attributed to energy, serenity, and passion. Originating from the term “seed” it is often linked with the pomegranate due to its close resemblance to the fruit.

Apart from the blatant link of the pomegranate on the cover. This book links itself well to the themes of energy, passion as well as the heart chakra when our shunned heroine is forced to turn her subjugation into power.

TW: Sexual assault, attempted rape, harm to animals.

February | Amethyst

Book Choice: Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

My birthstone! Although meanings can vary but the main consensus is that it is a major calming presence that is linked to clarity and stillness. Usually the stone reflects those who are best described as “dreamers”.

As such I couldn’t think of a better match than Strange the Dreamer. It’s about dreams, it’s one of my favorite books, and Lazlo is my fictional spirit animal.

TW: Rape and slavery mentions, a character experiences PTSD.

March | Aquamarine

Book Choice: Know My Name by Chanel Miller

Similar to Amethyst, Aquamarine is linked with calmness and soothing but is more reflective of the cleansing and purifying nature of the seas. Thus it symbolizes letting go and finding or reclaiming the truth.

Know My Name showcases what it means to have the courage to face the truth and the painful journey of healing and cleansing ourselves from previous wounds and pain.

TW: sexual assault, rape, victim shaming.

April | Diamonds

Book Choice: Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin

Dazzling and bright, diamonds actually represent eternal love. It is linked to affection and desire. Perhaps that’s why wedding rings usually have diamonds?  

Though I haven’t read this book yet (please don’t kill me), the synopsis involves a “fake” marriage and an enemies to lovers trope and a romance that is just as dazzling as our diamonds.

TW: Violence, blood, physical assault, use of drugs on a person, sexism, torture.

May | Emerald

Book Choice: The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

The color of Spring and the dedicated stone to the Roman goddess Venus, emeralds are attributed to rebirth, vitality, fertility, and wealth.

Kaur beautifully showcases the rewarding yet tumultuous journey of regrowth, rebirth, and self love like sunflowers and spring.

TW: Depression, grief, sexual assault, trauma.

June | Alexandrite

Book Choice: Romanov by Nadine Brandes

This is a very powerful stone and specifically in Russia it symbolizes good fortune and good omens. It is also believed that it represents the balance between the physical realm and the astral realm.

 Romanov is the perfect mixture of historical realism and supernatural mythology that reflects the nature of the alexandrite.

TW: Execution, death of a loved one, violence, blood, imprisonment.

July | Ruby

Book Choice: Star Daughter by Shveta Thakrar

In Ancient India, Rubies are called “King of gems” due to their rarity and beauty, while Burmese warriors believed it made them invincible in battle. It symbolizes health, wisdom, and harmony.

Sheetal definitely ticks on being rare and beautiful and incorporate that with a brutal cosmic competition of vicious challenges this celestial read arguably reflects the gaudy presence of rubies.

TW: Abandonment of a parent, anxiety (includes panic attacks), torture.

August | Peridot

Book Choice: Jade City by Fonda Lee

It’s considered a very cosmic and mythical stone. Since they’re found in volcanic ashes they are believed to be the tears of the volcano goddess Pele. It symbolizes strength and is very much related to the sky, sun, and fire.

Jade City literally revolves around an island that harbors mythical and cosmic gemstones that provides one with supernatural abilities. Thus it is a perfect tie to the symbolism of strengths and the mysticism surrounding peridot stones.

TW: Violence, dismemberment, suicide, self-harm, drug use, sexual assault, mentions of child abuse.

September | Sapphire

Book Choice: The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna

Favored by priests and kings, it is no surprise that sapphires are long associated with royalty. They symbolize faithfulness, integrity, loyalty, wisdom, and nobility. Historically it is once thought to be a guard against evil and poisons!

The Gilded Ones involves a badass army of warrior girls, great threats, and of course our very own kind of royalty in the form of the empire.

TW: Blood, gore, torture, mention of rape.

October | Pink Tourmaline

Book Choice: The Places I’ve Cried in Public by Holly Bourne

I think the symbolism of the pink tourmaline is especially beautiful. It symbolizes the best love there is! Self-love 💖. Additionally, it represents emotional healing and compassion.

This book deals with the different manifestations of abuse in a romantic relationship through Amelie and Reese’s story. Amelie learns to look at her love story through a new lens because love isn’t supposed to hurt like this.

TW: Emotional and psychological abuse, narcissistic abuse, and rape.

November | Citrine

Book Choice: With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo

It is very reflective of the sun itself, believing it harnesses the energies and powers of the sun. In Chinese feng shui philosophy, it is representative of wealth and abundance. Thus it is not surprising to know it symbolizes great energy and positivity.

What’s better than a YA book with a feisty MC who doesn’t let anyone get in the way of her dream? Cooking big time in a real kitchen. This book radiates big energy and Emoni Santiago shines just as bright as the sun.

TW: Mention of a death of a parent.

December | Blue Topaz

Book Choice: The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X.R. Pan

Blue Topaz is all about being cool and relaxed, so it is widely believed to fight off chaos and instill harmony. As such it symbolizes learning, creative expression, communication, and understanding.

This book revolves around grief and a tragic death lost to suicide. Leigh, our MC, navigates love, despair, grief, families, the magic of the past and the enchanting present; through friendships and family ghosts she ventures through an identity journey to find oneself. I guess the whole nature of going through all that chaos and actively communicating and expressing to find peace and harmony is a trait that reflects the blue topaz birthstone.

TW: Depression, suicide, mental illness.

Hope you enjoyed this list! What is your birthstone?

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  1. Amazing post! Thrilled to find a new book that matches my birthstone. I’m an October kid so I get The Places I’ve Cried in Public. It sounds like an empowering read and thank you for that!

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