August 2020 Wrap Up | My Top 5 Posts

I’m about a week late than other bloggers but I’ve been going back and forth on how to write this wrap up post; should I provide a summary? Highlights? Showcase by TBR and talk books? Random rants and discussions?

Wasn’t sure which path to go with and I was convinced that I did not want to write up a basic summary, so I thought why not incorporate all of the above but also highlight specific posts that I thought were must sees! 

Hence every month, I’ll do a round up of my top 5 posts that went out this month.

Side Note: I have had a rush of new followers to the blog over the past few days and this is a small but warm and lovely welcome to the NEC Blog! I am deeply honored that you find my content and blog worth your time and hour. Thank you ❤️ – Jawahir

The NEC Blog Top 5 Posts | August 2020

  1. Iconic Places | The British Library

A look at one of the most breathtaking places for bookworms and non-bookworms alike!

Historical Artifacts, endless display of books, and possibly one of the most perfect study locations!

2. Music for Books | Persephone (Lore Olympus)

Loved this music playlist that I did for Lore Olympus (which is an amazing Persephone – Hades retelling btw, check it out here).

Persephone was the central character I’ve based this upon and it was a joy to envision what type of music she would listen to and when she would listen to it.

3. Stuck at Home Book Tag

Had fun doing this one! Thanks again Sienna @Daydreaming Book Lover for the tag; check out her blog guys!

4. September Bookaploton | Best readathon I’ve ever participated in?

My current readathon! Inspired by Monopoly, this is the most unique readathon I’ve ever seen. Join in if you can!

5. Umbrella Academy Book Tag

My first original book tag celebrating the new season release of one of my fav tv shows ever! Tag me @jawahirthebookworm before reposting 😊✨

As always follow for the latest!


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