Top Reading Spots and Great Coffee at The Regent’s Park | London

What? The Regent’s Park

Where? Chester Rd, NW1 4NR, London

Highlights: Lush green spaces, macchiato, and rose gardens.

Can you imagine just sitting back on the bench across the water, leaving behind all sense of reality?

Regent’s Park is one of the most popular parks within central London where people usually go for as a one time visit or to see The London Zoo.

It’s not really in the center of everything like Hyde Park, which is exactly why it’s the perfect place to read or go for serene bikes ride by the canals.

Top Reading Spots!

  • Near the rose bushes of Queen Mary’s Gardens.
  • Across the waters of Regent’s Canal.
  • On the countertop inside the Regent’s Bar and Kitchen when its not busy.

Their espresso is really good; strong and black. Macchiato is excellent if you’re looking for something more foamy. 

As far for treats I wouldn’t say they’re tantalizing but with parks I usually like to pack up my own snacks; it’s more convenient.  

I like to go near their closing time (but not too near, I’m not that customer who waltzes in 2 minutes before closing time and demands a full service…), I get my coffee usually take away and take a seat outside if the weather is nice. 

The staff are polite and cordial if you show them the same, and I always make a point to clean up after me so now there’s this sense of friendly warmth between us every time I come back. 

Be nice people, they’ll appreciate it very much.


The Open Air Theatre of Regent’s Park presents really cool shows and musicals. You can catch classics like Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, musical retellings like Evita, or even original plays. It’s a shame COVID had such a detrimental impact on performance arts but hopefully I’ll get to see one in the near future!

Queen Mary’s Gardens are globally renowned and a must visit. They’re stunning during a full spring or cool summer. 

Triton Fountain is also a sight to see, though it can get a bit noisy since it’s a major tourist spot.

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