September Bookaplothon | Best readathon I’ve ever participated in?

On the very eve of September 1 I stumbled upon @theumbramortis tweet linking her YT vid for her self hosted readathon. Typical Jawahir, I decided to take a look and join at the last minute.

Now I am a massive fan of board games so hearing a readathon that is based on one, I knew I just had to join! 

Inspired and based on the classic game of Monopoly, Becca’s Bookaplothon allows you to actually play on spaces and see where you end up thus allocating a specified prompt to the space you’ve landed in! 

It’s equipped with chance cards for random prompt draws and community shelf cards for random book draws. I won’t trouble you with the breakdown of instructions but here’s the link to the game’s guide if you’re interested!

Let me just say I am wholly impressed by the amount of consideration and detail Becca went into creating and building this whole thing. She’s made it accessible in every way possible in terms of board game sizes, digital versions of the game, and general enough prompts that would allow anyone to participate. Plus you get to create your own personalized prompts too!

Just wow. I am so impressed. I’ve never seen a readathon like this and I’ve seen various comments and thoughts throughout social media that they’re willing to participate because of the style and presentation of the readathon. Some even participating for the very first time!


Now I did four moves, meaning four books to start with. If I manage to complete all four I’ll roll another move till the month ends and tally up my books! 

The prompts that I ended up with are:

  • Light Cover
  • Middle Grade Book
  • Standalone
  • Community Shelf draw: My Lady Jane

I kind of picked up An Ember in the Ashes for the light cover mainly because the background is in the light color while just the MCs on the book are colored so I thought I could get away with it for the first prompt 👀

The Standalone Prompt Choices

I can’t believe this but I actually have 3 choices up for the standalone prompt because my fickle brain just cannot decide on one. I’ll probably leave this prompt the last one and see where my mood takes me. (Feel free to recommend which one I should go for 😊)

Thoughts on Becca’s September Bookoplathon? Are you participating or willing to participate next time?

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