London’s Secret Floating Bookshop | Words on the Water

What? Words on the Water

Where? Regent’s Canal Towpath, Kings Cross, N1C 4LW, London

Type: Second-hand bookstore

Highlights: The bookstore itself! It is literally floating on water.

This post I’ll be speaking to probably one of the most picturesque bookstores I’ve ever seen. Side note: If you’re a Central Saints Martins student at UAL, you are one lucky bastard because not only you’re footsteps away from this bookstore but you also have a killer shopping scene nearby (oh not to mention food markets every weekend right in front of the uni 🙂 )

I’ll be honest it’s not the biggest bookstore there is but it has this quirky eccentric quality to it that I just love about second hand bookstores, and it’s operated by a lone gentleman who is the most polite and welcoming.  

Inside you’ll find knick knacks like vintage armchairs, old radios, and books on every space imaginable, it was such a unique experience and I’ve never been to a floating bookshop before. You can feel that the space resembled the personality and aesthetic of its owner and that made it all the more distinguishable and personal.

Coming off as bohemian more than anything else, the collection of books on hand is reflective of that, I got off with a Jazz book, a classic read, obscure poetry from some East Asian poet, and a psychology non-fic read. If you’re looking to expand your reading this is a great place to go to.

Secondly let’s not forget it’s on scenic and peaceful Regent’s Canal. Located at a remote strip of it, the 1920s transformed Dutch boat takes up a cozy space that’s just perfect to escape the concouphous noise and traffic of King’s Cross station but not too far off from the lively city scene. I remember buying my books and then stopping by the next boat in line to have some coffee before setting on the stone bench across just taking it all in. 

There’s nothing better I tell you.

Snapshots of Granary Square and Nine Yards

Granary Square is not far off, and you’d find weekend markets open out there. Nine Yards recently opened I believe in 2018 if memory serves correct, and it’s this more posh shopping area with nice “organic” cafes. Alternatively head to Dishoom King’s Cross for a delicious Indian feast

Available Online? Yes! They have a website, and I’ve just ordered a book box from them. The book box would contain 8-10 pre-owned books selected by the bookstore, if you have a preference in genre you can make a note about it. It’s like shipping yourself a birthday present! 

They’ve got monthly subscriptions as well or you can request a specific book.

COVID-19 Update? Not sure if they’re open but they offer delivery, click and collect, as well as shipping within the UK, Europe, USA, and for the book boxes they offer overseas shipping (rejoice international bookworms! 🎉 )

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, have you ever visited Words on the Water? Will you add it to your post COVID bucketlist?

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