TTT | 10 Questions I Would Ask My Fav Authors (Living and Dead!)

Ngl questions like this get me worked up, I’m always obsessing over asking the “right” question or having the “perfect” answer.

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Top 10 Questions I Would Ask My Favorite Authors (Living and Dead)

Alexandre Dumas

Right so I’m being a bit biased here in asking him two questions but he also wrote one of my favorite classics and made me not give up on the classic Lit genre so…

Ques 1 “How did you go about writing The Count of Monte Cristo?” The Count of Monte Cristo is my favorite classic read, so hearing how did the story come to life from Dumas himself would’ve been a real treat!

Ques 2 “Did you have any other alternate endings for The Count of Monte Cristo?” The story has gone in so many ways I’m sure he must have had more than one ending and I would’ve loved to see those.

Ghazi Abdul Rahman AlGosaibi

Ques 3 “What is the one piece of wisdom you would give me?” Apart from being a diplomat he was an intellectual thinker and a poet, one of my favorite lines of him is: 


When the wound is tired of crying

It will start to sing.”

Jane Austen

Ques 4 “Do you put cream first one the scone or the jam?” I’m curious and this is a very important question mind you.

Erin Morgenstern

Ques 5 “If you can revive one myth, what or who would it be?” Her tales are always whimsical and fairytale-like, so I’ve always wanted to know her inspirations and influences from the mythological and make belief world.

Leigh Bardugo

 Ques 6 “Would you ever write a non fantasy book?” She did write one of my favorite heist novels so I wonder how she would fare with a realistic thriller book.

Sarah J Mass

 Ques 7 “Are you interested in exploring other mythology or fantasy elements other than Fae?” SJM is a great fantasy writer, she has an amazing ability to maintain interest and suspense within her books so I’m interested to see if she ever gave it thought to write something different.

R.L. Stine

 Ques 8  “What’s your fear?” It would be interesting to find out what it is from the master of children’s horror (he gave me lots of scares but what the hell his books were the best!)

Sarah Dessen

 Ques 9 “How do you have the ability to write up happy endings without feeling repetitive or too “unrealistic”? I think with happy endings the case is, you might end up getting tired of them because they’re just not real life. And Dessen to still write up the fluffiest and cutest of them!

A. A. Milne

  Ques 10 “Can you sign all of my Winnie the Pooh copies”? Fav childhood book! If I could get him alive I would definitely get his autograph. 

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7 thoughts on “TTT | 10 Questions I Would Ask My Fav Authors (Living and Dead!)

  1. Oh man, these questions are great! So much yes to the R.L. Stine one. He was single-handedly responsible for so many sleepless nights when I was a kid haha. But I loved the series so much (and the TV show when it aired). Oooh, the question for Erin Morgenstern is a really good one, too, and it’s got me thinking now!

    Here’s my TTT post.

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