DTS Readathon Wrap Up!

For 10 days, I’ve gone straight to the books for the Diversify Your Shelf Readathon which was adapted from @theperksofbeingnoura . There’s been unexpected surprises, 5 star reads, and even a DNF.

Tis’ been a wild ride if I do say so myself.

Prompt Completion

Happy to say that I’ve accomplished my reading goals! While I wished I read at least 5 books, I’d take the 4. I’ll definitely write up reviews for some of the books, so keep your eye on the blog for those 👀

The Surprise Read

I honestly made an understatement with this one, even for the first two chapters I was kind of playing along with it and wasn’t really into the story. But it wholly redeems itself and now I cannot wait to get my hands on the remaining two books of the trilogy! It’s a slow burner at first but don’t give up on it!

The 5 Star Read

It’s isn’t surprising to see a five star rating next to Rupi Kaur’s name, and rightfully so. Her poetry really speaks to me and I love it’s simplistic form rather than others who may find it too “basic” and “instagram oriented” I guess? The second book is far better than the first one. She’s currently working on her third book cover so I’m excited to see what she has in store for us!

The DNF Read

Unfortunately this means that Wicked as You Wish got a DNF. I loved the Filipino representation and how we got a Filipino MC. However I just couldn’t get into the story; it was a chaotic mess. It’s like cooking up a dish without looking at the recipe and dumping too much of everything and anything.

Extra ✨

Here’s a cute lil pic showcasing my read TBR (go easy on me it’s my first time trying to create a “bookstagram” worthy pic 🙈)

This challenge has definitely pushed myself to read more diverse books, and I loved seeing all the lovely TBR selections of other book bloggers! Definitely added more books on my TBR shelf because of this.

I loved the length of it especially, it wasn’t dragging nor was it a fast paced one; I felt 10 days is a good duration. I can’t speak for other readers but to me I did not feel like there was pressure to complete all prompts and everyone was like really chill about their reading which was cool.

Have you participated in DTS Readathon? Will you be willing to participate next year?


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