Music for Books : Persephone (Lore Olympus)

Recently I have been captivated by Lore Olympus and the story of Hades and Persephone. So I sent out an email to Underworld CORP trying out my luck to reach Perse because she’s just the cutest!

Long story short, she got back to me, we made baklava, and basically music binged on Youtube and Spotify all night long. Hope you like Perse’s playlist and as usual I’ll leave my guest to sort out the song choices 😊

Oh Hello everyone, My name is Persephone (but you knew that already…ugh I’m not good at this) 

Okay okay, Hi everyone so I’m Persephone Goddess of Spring (and allegedly the Queen of the Underworld?), and although music kind of reminds me of a really bad situation with someone I’ve been with…I won’t allow it anymore. I kind of miss whistling tunes and humming songs while I work in the fields back in the mortal realm, but so much has changed that you even have computers now!

Anyways, I’ve been listening to all of these wonderful artists and remixes. And then I started building up my own playlist! Eros even approved it! 😉 

Hopefully you guys enjoy it and and…thank you for taking the time to listen to me! 🙈

Just Friends ~ Audery Mika

You know that place when you’re in the friendzone but you still kind of hug him too long or think about his lips too long…then you say stuff friends wouldn’t say to each other 😳

Backyard Boy ~ Claire Rosinkranz

 This to me is the rush of our first meeting. I kind of liked him but “liked” him. It’s the confusion of the early butterflies and you’re wondering why you’re listening to this song wishing to meet him again.

Ride With Me ~ Pink Sweat$

 “I just got a whip with the all-black tints” – Hades is obsessed with his cars, and this line reminds me of our car rides 😍

Experience ~ Victoria Monét ft Kahlid and SG Lewis

 The idiot thought he didn’t deserve me, so he kind of went back to his ex (who is a total bitch btw). I’ve never felt jealous before and I was still hoping just like this song; caught up in a bittersweet love 🙁

Honesty ~ Pink Sweat$

 I realized I had feelings that went deeper than I imagined…I was falling in love. 

What if I Told You I Loved You ~ Ali Gatie

  I wanted to send this to him badly, but he wasn’t mine. Plus look at that song cover it has a butterfly that is blue..

Moonlight ~ Ariana Grande (Orchestral Version)

   He thought I wanted the sun but little did he know the moon and the stars were what I craved. My legs ached as I swayed to this tune again and again on the rooftops, stuck in my dream..

My Favorite Clothes ~ RINI

   Hades sent me this via a drunk text at 4:00AM, he deleted it straight away thinking I wouldn’t notice but I did. And I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Constellate ~ Fleurie

  He saw my power and potential and did not balk from it. He lifted me up and we flew across his kingdom, if starlight were a song this would be it.

You Don’t Own Me (But You’re Planning Your Revenge Against that Abusive Man) ~ Remix by L0user

It took a lot of strength but He will not make me his next “Olympian” because I refuse to be a trophy wife.

No Tears Left to Cry ~ Ariana Grande

Too many people tried to tear me down, Ariana sang it to my heart! You bet I will be strutting to this the next time I waltz into Olympus 😉

Enjoyed this playlist? Any recommendations for Persephone?

Check out my review for the book: Lore Olympus

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Enjoyed this playlist? Any recommendations for Persephone? Check out my review for the book: Lore Olympus

More like this? Sign up to get the latest!


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