Jardin du Jasmine | Middle East in the heart of London

What? Jardin du Jasmine Cafe

Where? 1 Holland St, Kensington, W8 4NA, London

Highlights: Deli counter filled with Middle Eastern delicacies.

If you’re thinking of Middle Eastern hospitality and the beauty of the Damascene culture, than Jardin du Jasmine is the heavenly garden that incorporates the rich aromatic nature of Middle Eastern food underneath a bed of lights intertwined with subtle greenery that covers the ceiling. It’s like walking into a modern day garden of Eden.

I love the flexible nature of the cafe, you’ve got counter seatings, movable tables so whatever size your party may be the place should accommodate your needs easily. I also love how the Middle Eastern culture is celebrated and included in every nook of the place; the waft of rose water and jasmine in the air, Nizar Qabbani’s poetry written as a declaration on the wall, and the symphony of the nay instrument blessing your ears.

Though the interiors might be white and crisp, the warmth and coziness just oozes out of the place. The cafe is a family run business where all of the food is home made and it has that authentic taste of eating a meal at grandma’s.

Fresh mint tea
Deli box specials / All 3 pics courtesy of Jardin du Jasmine Instagram
Jam preserves available instore

My favorite way to order is just going up to the deli counter and seeing today’s specials. These include hummus, baba gnoush, mixed salads garnished with pomegranate seeds, and vine leaves drizzled with a yogurt sauce. You can also opt for takeaway if you’re looking for a quick lunch to pick up!

Though I am a coffee person, I like the flavored teas the cafe offers. Fresh mint or peppermint leaves is the way to go if you’re looking for something light. Alternatively the apple and ginger tea is perfect to spice things up.

What’s fabulous is that they have a shop where you can purchase their tea selections, jam preserves, and cookbooks celebrating the Syrian cuisine.

I could totally imagine myself reading The Wrath and the Dawn here; I would totally get immersed!.

Available Online? Yes-ish. They do provide delivery or pick up options for those residing in Locally; order here.

COVID Update: They have just reopened last month, July 2020. Here’s their instagram and website for more info.

Have you ever been to Jardin du Jasmine? Will you be adding it to your “must visits”?

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