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I would like to thank BookSirens for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest personal review

I admit graphic novels are not the type of writing I go for, but I wanted to expand my reading and read more of genres I normally don’t go for. Surprisingly, picture books were all I read as a young child and this was nostalgic in the simplistic way it was written and how the pictures accompanied each story.

Description Summary: A heartwarming picture book made of touching stories and colorful illustrations. Perfect for a light lazy read.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

Book Summary

Since this is a collection of stories, a book summary is not particularly needed hence I’ll go straight to the review.

Review / Goodreads


In terms of the type of stories, although the cover gives off a “childish” vibe, the stories inside are much deeper and some are darker than the rest. Some stuck with me while others I passed on, I guess it depends from reader to reader which story would stuck and deem memorable to you. All in all it was a really cute book, and was a nice escape from the realities of quarantine. 

The stories tackle different themes such as fear and courage, but you also have bits of far off fantasy tales and others are more philosophical; an allegory to earth and the state of our livelihoods.

Writing and Format

The writing is so cute and light, it’s one of my favorite elements of the book. I think making it “bite sized” is really clever. The breeziness of it helps uplift the book and I absolutely loved reading the writing first then turning the page to see if the illustrator’s artwork corresponds to what I envisioned in my mind.

The art is beautiful and I loved how we had a broad selection of artists so in this case you would get a totally different piece with each writing. It made things interesting and I’m a sucker for great art.

What’s even cooler is that you can now order your own Teeny Tiny Story from the website. And it’s written by the author Skyler Hammond himself! Alternatively, you can follow his stories and have a grasp for his style of writing on his instagram. He posts a new story daily.

Do I recommend? Lovely but not a must read.


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