Italian Gelato on a Summer’s Day | London Cafes

What? Unico Gelato & Caffe

Where? 37 Pembridge Rd, Notting Hill, W11 3HG, London

Highlights: Gelato of course! And their macchiato.

On a hot summer’s day, Unico is probably one of the best options to go. As soon as you enter the place, you get that slight coolness when entering an ice cream parlor and that sweet hint of sugar lingering in the air from their confectionary and baked goods.

You’ve got lovely seatings by the tall large windows (my favorite spot personally) to sip on coffee and write/work while seeing the livelihoods of the different people that cross the street outside. Alternatively they have more seatings downstairs if you require a bit more privacy. I love the minimalist design of the place but they still manage to include pops of color here and there that are bright and summery, you’ve got seating options as well: low chairs, bar stools, slide in chairs and corner seatings.

Best of all: free wifi! Yesss!

All three photos courtesy of Unico Caffe Instagram

As promised they’re gelato is of high quality and you can tell the ingredients are fresh. Their popular flavors are your classic Italian ones such as pistachio , hazelnut, and vanilla. But just about anything they can create in ice cream form is yummy.

They have other non-ice cream options, both sweet and savory. From cheesecakes, to brownies, to croissants all the way to sandwiches and other snacks you can eat in or take away. For non coffee drinkers you have a selection of healthy smoothies or ice cream frappes!

I’m a big coffee person so of course I had to pick an Italian classic as my choice beverage: the macchiato. It’s strong but not acidly bitter taste was perfect for a quick pick me up and is a great match to my gelato. One of my favorite cafes to visit in summer for sure.

Forgot to mention they also have vegan alternatives!

Available Online? Yes-ish. So they do offer home delivery and pick up options but only in their selected locations here.

COVID Update: They’ve opened back in May, so you should be able to visit in person! Here’s their website to stay updated.

What do you think? Have you ever been to Unico Caffe?

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