London’s Best Independent Bookstore | London Review Bookshop

What? London Review Bookshop

Where? 14-16 Bury Pl, Holborn, WC1A 2JL, London

Type: Independent Bookstore / Non-specific

Highlights: Contemporary Fiction

Courtesy of London Review Bookshop Instagram

Speaking of bookstores hidden in narrow street alleys; London Review Bookshop accurately fits that description. The dark green exterior provides a lovely contrast to the ever-changing display of colorful books on the windowsill, for a bookworm it looks like candy canes to the little kid.

As you walk in the theme of keeping the books the center of visuals is there, all over the white washed walls and shelves allows the books to take center focus. No music flows through and you’re left taking in the plethora of book covers around you.

They host a range of books that combines the mainstream literary works and small authors, so you get a comprehensive collection of everything and anything. No wonder they call themselves: “London’s best independent bookshop”. One level down and you enter a treasure trove of books and books and even more books! It seems this place has magical shelves or corners appearing out of nowhere because it baffles me how so much can fit in neatly .

Let’s Talk Books

What impressed me is their collection of contemporary books, they include best sellers, diverse authors, and hidden gems you wouldn’t find in your corporate bookstores. Another niche genre is history and historical fiction; they have various books that talk about different time periods from Ancient Greek to 1960s England to Ottoman Middle East.

They continuously have author signing and talks, which is very interesting. And they have their own merchandise of totes bags (very cute!). What’s more is that the bookshop has its own cafe and tea shop so you can rest back, read, have a slice of cake, and a nice warm cup of tea.

The Cafe and tea shop of the bookstore! Courtesy of Foodeology Instagram

It’s a stone’s throw away from the Natural History Museum , across you have Camellia’s Tea House where the teas are blended by the shop owners themselves! Alternatively if you’re into crêpes and makeup; SHOT IT is the place to go next. Right next to the bookstore it’s a cafe/crêperie/beauty parlor. Get your makeup fix and coffee fix one time!

Available Online? Yes. They have a website and you also have the option to reserve in store.

COVID Update? The bookstore opened back up again on July 6 but they only accept card payments. The cakeshop and cafe is open for takeaways only.

What do you think? Have you ever been to London Review Bookshop?

Map Location

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Hello I’m Jawahir the bookworm, a lost twenty-something year old bookish blogger who enjoys her books with a cup of strong coffee; milk no sugar no cream.

4 thoughts on “London’s Best Independent Bookstore | London Review Bookshop

  1. I love the fact that I will be able to find books that I can’t find in corporate bookstores haha! My favorite bookstores are those that have their own cafe/tea shop, so I’m sure I’ll love this bookstore and can’t wait to go there!
    Great post 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cafes and bookstores belong together, they’re the perfect example of holy matrimony lol. Happy you enjoyed this post! You won’t be disappointed with this one, it’s a great place to find your next read!


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