Music for Books: Aelin Galathynius (TOG Series)

Warning: Mature language

Edmond Dantès satisfied our inner teen angst last week with his playlist but another one is taking over the set playlist today y’all. Our fierce fire breathing bitch queen of Terrasen, overall badass and chocolate cake aficionado Aelin Galathynius.

As usual I’ll let the special guest do the talking 😊

Wretched souls of planet “Earth”, I got summoned here through a magical portal ( once again 🙂 ..  and Rowan threw a fit so I dragged him here with me…territorial fae bullshit). 

Anyways in case you haven’t noticed I tend to be ALL OVER THE PLACE (ahem Lysandra ahem Empire of Storms…you liked that shapeshifting trick didn’t you *wink). As such my music goes from tipsy ballroom dancer to breakup opera singing. Buttttt since your world is in deep shit right now I figured I’d put together the playlist I’d listen to before wrecking havoc onto the world, especially before I’d kick anyone’s ass.

Keep on dancing friends ✌🏼

OMG ~ Camila Cabello ft Quavo

*whistles* phew you look gorgeous *kisses reflection on mirror* (oh you’re cute too 😉 )

7 Rings ~ Ariana Grande

Though I don’t have 6 bitches, does blood sworn fae warriors count?

Juice ~ Lizzo

I play this while I’m busy choosing yet another risque outfit to send Rowan spiraling again…tee hee

Savage (Remix) ~ Megan Thee Stallion ft Beyonce

“Classy, bougie, ratchet”

“Sassy, moody, nasty” ~ I mean this has Aelin written all over it 👅

Bitch Better Have My Money ~ Rihanna

You know I’m singing this on my way to my treasury.

Boss Bitch ~ Doja Cat

I’m wearing my golden armour, grabbing my huge sword, and about to kick someone’s ass..

Like a Girl ~ Lizzo

Lysandra and I jam to this while having our random breakout bedroom dances.

Enjoyed this playlist? Got any recommendations for Aelin?

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