Music for Books: The Count of Monte Cristo

So I always envision certain playlists that go with the mood and “vibe” of a book or hear some songs and I can’t help but think: “This song was made for Character X”.

It’s really cool to pick and match songs to a book or envision if a character was present in our current time who would their favorite artists/bands be? And to what genre would they most likely listen to?

And so every once and a while I’ll be creating curated playlists for a book or a fictional character for you guys to listen to and enjoy!

Today’s playlist is curated by Edmond Dantes aka The Count of Monte Cristo, I’ll leave the typing to him now so he can guide you through it! (Caution! Spoilers are present)

Mesdames et messieurs, it is a pleasure to have this opportunity to relinquish my sorrows and the woes of my heart to that divine pleasure we all enjoy: Music.
I come now as Edmond Dantes not the Count not Sinbad the Sailor not the Abbe Busoni. I come as that one   and nineteen year old boy who once felt as if the    heavens itself opened up before him. 
"Diable"! How much life has changed...
Nevertheless, today's sheet of music (playlist as you call it) is defined by the following keywords:
Gritty . Dark . Grunge (what a peculiar genre I must say) 

AfraidThe Neighbourhood | After I left M. Villifort’s office (How naive I was!)

Listen Before I goBillie Eilish | When my heart seized to believe in life and my eyes forgot how the sun felt on my skin whilst in prison.

Bury a FriendBillie Eilish | The moment realization struck me senselessly that my “friends” betrayed me!

Pumped Up KicksFoster The People | When I procured the promised treasure of Faria deep within the grottos of Monte Cristo.

Up in FlamesSam Tinnesz ft Maggie Eckford | Mercy has left my heart and my plan of revenge was in execution.

ControlHalsey | The song I imagine listening to when my alter ego The Count of Monte Cristo came to life.

Lunchbox FriendsMelanie Martinez | The song that represents my friendship to Maximillian; how morbidly amusing!

Hard Feelings/ LovelessLorde | The song that depicts the perished love of mine and Mercedes’s. You never forget your first love.

Let it HappenTame Impala | When Mercy slithered into my cold heart once more and I did not know if I should see my revenge to the end.

Daddy IssuesThe Neighborhood | The strange and sad feeling that I share with Haydee whom I started to fall in love with.

Thanks for tuning in folks! Any other recommendations for Edmond to listen to?

Have a listen to my sheet of music…I mean playlist, sincerely Edmond Dantes, The Count of Monte Cristo. | NEC Blog @jawahirthebookworm


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