COVID-19: Supporting Local and Independent Bookstores

It is not a lie that I cherish the local bookstores and independent booksellers who continue to be a major presence in all communities, they provide a cozy and friendly space that sits close to our hearts as beings who simply are eager to connect and belong to someplace or in some page. To be part of a story. I’ve written a similar post for alternative bookish businesses here.

“What I say is, a town isn’t a town without a bookstore. It may call itself a town, but unless it’s got a bookstore, it knows it’s not foolin’ a soul.” ~ Neil Gaiman

Pic from Unsplash

COVID has made a major setback for my indie book buying, and with everything closed I knew I had to support this community one way or another. I’ve browsed articles and did several readings on ways to help. So, I’ve compiled diverse solutions and acts of action that we can help these business stay afloat and get back on track.

1. Buy from them!

Okay so this is the most obvious one, but if you can instead of ordering your latest book binge from popular online commerce giants, search for a local bookstore near you or take a look at Indiebound’s informative tweet to see the various ways you could support indie bookstores.

Other sites to look into:

  • Bookshop | Perfect for that one stop book buy
  • Biblio | Perfect for antiquarian books and niche topics
  • Alibris | perfect for rare editions
  • Powell’s Books | Perfect for used and new books
  • Book Riot | The bookish website has made a list of independent bookstores that you can shop from the comfort of your home.

2. Worldwide Indie Bookstores

The presence of US indie bookstores is relatively dominant online, but don’t forget about the other noteworthy bookstores that are located in different parts of the globe!

AFAR a travel mag and site has written this beautiful list of gorgeous bookstores all around the world from Buenos Aries to Tokyo and ways in which you can support them.

The stunning El Ateneo bookstore in Buenos Aries, Argentina. Pic from Unsplash

3. Donate

The BINC Foundation (Book Industry Charitable Foundation) is a non-profit organization that aims to assist and aid independent booksellers and bookstores who are facing financial hardships during this difficult time.

They’re one of the top rated non profit organizations of 2020 and have been mentioned by the notable press such as the NY Times and Forbes for their work and achievements.

Need help? You can apply for aid and assistance through their website.

4. Social Media

Word of mouth and the internet are both powerful tools that you can use to help support local and indie bookstores. Mention your fav store in a tweet, tune in into their Instagram live, or just even like and share!

The point is to keep spreading the love and support for these businesses. I’ve created a template where you can post it and share with others. Just mention your local or fav indie bookstore and tag them!

During these unprecedented times, it is great to see that book sales online have spiked to a whooping 777%, (MarketWatch). The reader community is thriving wonderfully despite everything, and as a bookworm myself who has a deep love for indie bookstores I believe it is part of our duty to try and help to the best of our abilities.

Stay safe and healthy.

I support independent and local bookstores. | NEC Blog @jawahirthebookworm

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